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  1. Re: Shazam: A bigger issue than just one champion.

    I think Shazam could use a whole kit re-work. I admit he was broken with his Q and E slow, but he was super fun. Keep the ult, make Q a lightning smash into the ground, make his E a single target...
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    Re: Champion Idea - Raven

    You should change her Q to an enemy to a mini stun, and make it that she teleports back to her casting spot with the marked target. Basically a kidnap spell.
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    Re: Deathstroke-Champ Idea

    I like it, his Q and W being skill shots make it fair for how powerful it is and I was thinking maybe for his Q, it could be on a charge system. Like build up 3 Charges and then you can unleash all 3...
  4. Re: Idea for champion 20th (in game) level

    A particle effect would be pretty sweet, maybe if you get GL to lvl 20 when he uses his Qs he drops a lvl 20 sign on him. Or just change up his bling or give him something shiny.
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    Re: PLZ just make a female Marksman Champ

    I disagree that they need it soon, they just need to let things progress naturally. If you really want it soon (if they havent been working on it for months already), it'll be a boring and terribly...
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    Packet Loss/Lag and Frame Rate Issues

    Hello Tech Support and others whom this may concern,

    I'm not sure where to put this but I think this is the right place. Around 65% of the games I play packet loss and lag are a non-factor, as in...
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