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    Tonight I say goodbye to IC.

    I've been trying to play this game off and on for maybe a little under a year? I don't know. I only made it to level 16. At first I was in love with this game. My favorite hero is blue beetle. I took...
  2. Re: Been away for a few months because of the weird delay. Back and it's still here.

    I asked some guy in game about it and he said yeah it's still a huge issue. Sucks because that is the only thing keeping me from playing this game 24/7 lol
  3. Been away for a few months because of the weird delay. Back and it's still here.

    So I took a break from IC because the weird delay on my commands made the game really stressful to play. I came back after a few months hoping it would be gone. What's the deal, IC? Why does this...
  4. I can't play Infinite Crisis because of these odd ability cast delays

    Infinite Crisis has always been an odd clunky to play MOBA and I am ok with that. Now I have to press my abilities 10 times for them to cast. My ping is only 60. Nothing else is lagging, but when I...
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    Re: Question about the GD meta

    Part of the reason ADs are so viable mid is because of the lack of champs in Infinite Crisis. There are a couple of good AP casters you can play but not a lot. I also don't think there are any...
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    Re: Benefits to jungling?

    Most of the replies in this thread are true, but they're missing the biggest benefit from jungling.

    Map pressure.

    2v2 top is cool and all, but you can't really pressure the map like that. You...
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    Rant about queue times

    I get that it's beta and I get that long queue times are expected. In challenger in LoL people have long q times occasionally.

    The difference is I'm level 15. How am I supposed to level if I can't...
  8. Suggestion: If I don't pick a champion, kick me. Don't select a random champion.

    I end up messing a lot of games up this way because the game doesn't notify me when I'm picking a champ. I always hit accept and tab out expecting it to pop up again but it doesn't. I end up getting...
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    Re: Some Quality of Life Change Ideas

    I definitely agree with point 5, though. Not sure if you edited that in. Don't remember reading that point. Anyways, I can't tell you how many games I afkd the first minute because I didn't know the...
  10. Re: New tO MOBAs, been playing a day and I love it

    Hey man glad you're enjoying the game. I also really like IC
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    Re: Some Quality of Life Change Ideas

    I like the idea about giving QoL changes to the client in general... but idk if I would choose these in particular.

    Also, I wish people would stop asking for frame rate/performance upgrades...
  12. Re: Looking for players just to have a game time playing

    Add me: Eggnivia

    Idk how to spell your name lol. I typed it in as what you typed but it didn't come up.
  13. Atlas eSports ~ New Community for IC and more

    Hey guys! If you're interested in a new community with an Infinite Crisis section and would like to join, come sign up!
  14. Looking for people to play GD with. Level 12

    Looking for some people to play GD with. Add me: Eggnivia
  15. I like IC, but it's really hard to keep playing because of a few things.

    I've been playing for a little while (maybe a month or two now? idk) I'm level 12 and I main Blue Beetle as an ADC in bot lane. Here are my thoughts about IC so far..

    I'm going to list two things...
  16. Is there a way to check my W/L or KDA with a certain champion?

    Is there any way to track certain stats I have with a certain champion? Ex. I want to check my W/L with Blue Beetle as well as how many triples/quads/pentas. If there isn't this would be a cool...
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    Re: How do I check my match history?

    Thanks for this!
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    How do I check my match history?

    I can't find it on the client. Halp.
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