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    Re: Error 80043005 - Login Issues

    Go into Control Panel > Network and Internet > Internet Options > Connections tab > LAN Settings button and if any of the three items there are active disable them click ok and ok on the internet...
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    Re: Keyboard not responding in game.

    I'd try a clean boot as a temporary test, but if it keeps up put in a tech support ticket as well if you haven't yet.
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    Re: Can't dowload IC

    Also if you have a different browser to try the download with I would recommend that, but also if you use any kind of internet 'download accelerator' (something to speed up downloading) make sure...
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    Re: Massive FPS problems

    Try renaming the userpreferences in Documents > InfiniteCrisis to OLDuserpreferences and relaunching, but if that has no effect post a dxdiag when you can (steps in my sig)
  5. Thread: Help?!

    by IC_Mirthgar

    Re: Help?!

    I would log directly into your email providers website to add '[email protected]' to your contacts list and any kind of safe senders option. Also check spam folders as well.

  6. Re: Server disconnect Reason: aborted by user???

    I'd try a temporary clean boot just to test, but also if you haven't yet definitely put in a tech support request too, we can be more in depth that way than via the forums troubleshooting an issue...
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    Re: Crashes and losing frames

    I'd try a clean boot just to test, but also put in a tech support request too if you haven't, we can get more indepth over email than forums in troubleshooting.
  8. Re: Launcher crashes immediately after opening it

    I think compatability mode gets past the specific action the launcher triggers, however it may come up again at another update point.

    Per a previous post reporting similar, anyone getting this...
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    Re: Change Data Execution Prevention settings

    Is DEP set to "All Programs" (Turn on DEP for all programs and services except those I select.) or "Only Windows programs and services" (Turn on DEP for essential Windows programs and services only)?...
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    Re: Close the Program solved!

    Please make sure that you put in a technical support request and review this thread here.

    Enabling compatibility mode disables many features of the game (including it's ability to enable DirectX...
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    Re: Can't access the store.

    Check avast's quarantined list, it most likely has 'Turbinebrowser.exe' or another related to the game/game store file listed, having it whitelist that file and place it back into the game install...
  12. Re: Java creating issues when opening client.

    I think it may be an ad injector, (one that places advertisements onto websites). Fairly often there's a URL in the error dialog that traces back to known adware.

    Generally these aren't very...
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    Re: Crashes and losing frames

    Post a dxdiag when you can (steps linked in my sig)
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    Re: Internet browser not found

    Usually this is heuristics in the antivirus, adding "C:\Program Files (x86)\InfiniteCrisis" to its 'whitelist' and do not scan type lists as well as disabling Heuristic based scans should prevent it...
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    Re: Connecting to server...

    We're looking into it, stand by.

    In the interim, can you post some general info:

    Region connecting to (NA or EU)
    Geographic locale (e.g. city or state)
    ISP name and type
  16. Re: Launcher crashes immediately after opening it

    Also when you fill out the tech ticket form use the attach file option to include your launcher logs.

    Those can be found by holding down the windows key and pressing "R" and typing...
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    Re: Failed to load patch dll

    Try a right-click and run as admin, might also want to temp disable your antivirus, might be blocking it from registry access needed to register the dll itself.
  18. Re: Launcher crashes immediately after opening it

    Just a reminder that if this is working to work around the issue that you should put in a technical support ticket, using compatibility mode is going to reduce the games feature set (including being...
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    Re: Internal web browser was not found.

    Sounds like it quarantined "turbinebrowser.exe" or one of its patch related files. Removing that from there in theory should prevent the need to use repair but also whitelisting C:\Program Files...
  20. Re: Close the Program or launcher has stopped working solved!

    And make sure that you put in a technical support request via the support page linked in my sig.

    Enabling compatiblity mode disables many feautres of the game (including it's ability to enable...
  21. Re: Launcher crashes immediately after opening it

    Do any of you encountering this have Avast?

    Also what is the graphics card model and driver date?*

    *This info can be found using the 'how to post a dxdiag' steps to create a dxdiag.txt file....
  22. Re: Launcher crashes immediately after opening it

    Sounds like it may be permissions changes, but could be almost anything, make sure that you put in/follow up with a tech support ticket on these, might be we can run down why compatibility for xp...
  23. Re: Launcher crashes immediately after opening it

    Try a reboot first just in case there's something stuck in memory, but also when you reboot back into Windows launch IC using a right-click and 'run as admin' as well to test.
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    Sticky: Re: September Update: Known issues

    One additional, if you are getting 0x80070002 Recover failed error while patching, make sure that you've paused or (temporarily) disabled your Antivirus and its scanning/protection modes. Heuristic...
  25. Re: September Update: Known Issues

    Make sure you pause or disable your antivirus' active scanners and such while patching. Heuristic based protections can get a bit overprotective when the launcher tries to overwrite files on disk.
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