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    Re: GD gold aquisition

    Im not really sure what last hitting is

    im not really sure what last hitting is......

    Dude i think you are playing the wrong game.

    However a 40 minute game on GD is waaaaaay too slow,...
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    Re: The Flash Overpowered?


    Finally a Turbine who comments on it, im so sick of flash,and i totally get it, Flash does feel like flash should at the moment and that's the problem because essentially flash is the...
  3. ENOUGH. Do something about the AFK'ers thread. /Sign /I DEMAND! a HARSH Punish System


    Ive had it with these terrible people who just leave.
    I dont give a flying s-it about what you say turbine.

    People are leaving this game as they see fit when they don't want to play...
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    Re: Amplifiers seem pretty expensive

    Yeah i forgot you can't buy amps and the like for crisis points but while not revelant to this thread the post below in itself is a good reminder for the leaches to stay in thier place.
  5. Re: Games are to long ? heres my opinion ! :)

    1.20-40 Minutes tops would be great.
    2. Mr Punchy is also a high damage ability that scales well with power, Making it also have a long time stun would make it op.
    3. No more blink please, If we...
  6. Re: Increased Revenue? More costumes available to players new and old? Look no furt

    Yeah yeah, My Dad just died and fammily buisniss almost got bankrup and my old leg injury sprung up.

    But yeah sure..

    that only happens for SOME people not you...

    Seriously, Limiting skins is...
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    Re: Catwoman

    This pretty much sums her up, And even with full High damage items there are targets that you as cat woman can't touch. For the infamous crit build, Go armor, You can get max 55% crit, A full tank...
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