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    Re: "Return of Superman" Skin

    My faith is restored. Well done, everyone.
  2. Re: Is there any bann system in this game ?

    Just to echo Dycer: If someone on your team goes AFK, make sure that everyone in the game knows, and politely ask everyone to report that person at the end of the game. I'd suggest posting a reminder...
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    Re: "Return of Superman" Skin

    The costume and splash art are great as usual, but I'm super disappointed that they left out the mullet. :p
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    Re: Oldest registred player.

    I didn't come to the forums immediately, but I've gotta be really close to the oldest. I started working on my fan site the day the game was announced.
  5. Re: Client does not remember "Out of Game" window size

    Reviving this thread. This issue still persists.
  6. Re: The return of an item with PD conversion to auto-attack damage please?

    This would be funnier if it weren't kinda true.
  7. Re: Client does not remember "Out of Game" window size

    Juicebox, I've been able to isolate the cause of the problem: If I close the client with "Borderless Window" enabled, it resizes. If I exit the client with "Borderless Window" disabled, it retains...
  8. Re: New Costume: 'Crimson Lord' Nightmare Batman

    A NightBat costume was long overdue. Big fan of this one. The art team knocked it out of the park as usual.
  9. Re: Client does not remember "Out of Game" window size

    After messing around with the settings a bit, it appears that the problem occurs before exit. If I change the "Out of Game" setting to "Windowed—1920x1080" and then click "OK" to exit the settings...
  10. Re: Client does not remember "Out of Game" window size

    System Information
    Time of this report: 4/21/2015, 20:49:42
    Machine name: HIVEMIND
    Operating System: Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit (6.1, Build...
  11. Client does not remember "Out of Game" window size

    I've been experiencing a display bug recently regarding the size of the "Out of Game" window. I have both the "In Game" and "Out of Game" windows set to "Windowed—1920x1080" for streaming purposes....
  12. Re: Unofficial Most-Wanted Characters Poll (vote for 5!)

    Booster Gold not in Top 10; poll invalid.

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    Re: What's your favorite skin 'theme's?

    I'm a big fan of the New 52 costumes, but the problem is that a number of champions:

    a) Already have their New 52 costume as their default costume (Batman, Superman/girl, Flash, Shazam, etc.)
  14. Re: Just completed my first training session, have a few questions

    Also, if you're planning to purchase champions with Crisis Coins (aka real money), I post the latest sales on Twitter every Wednesday morning.
  15. Re: Are all level 4 artifact bonus skills innate?

    The best way to tell whether or not an artifact's trait needs to be activated is by checking the color of the trait in the tooltip. Purple traits are innate and do not need to be activated. Green...
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    Re: Advocate system

    Man, I had one of those matches last night—everyone throwing expletives and BM all over the place. Took every ounce of my willpower trying to get everyone to calm down and focus on the match.
  17. Re: Is Krypto an early April Fools joke ? (I hope not)

    I would absolutely lose it if anyone actually pulled that off. Lol.
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    Sticky: Re: Welcome to the New Player Forums!

    On behalf of all the Advocates, I'd like to welcome all the new players to Infinite Crisis! As Celestrata said above, our job is to help new players and introduce them to this great game—whether that...
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    Re: Can We Have One Hybrid Artifact?

    IMO, there are three problems with that line of thinking.

    1) It hurts you early game. You're basically forced to have one part of your champion lag behind.

    2) It favors a straight AD or PD...
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    Can We Have One Hybrid Artifact?

    Prior to the March patch, there were two artifacts which provided both Power Damage and Attack Damage—Shade's Cane and Psi-Scimitar. Now there are zero, as both artifacts were changed significantly...
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    Re: Future's End Superman Skin

    I would love this to be a costume, but I think you've identified the correct problem. It can't be a Superman costume, because Shazam is wearing it in the comic. But it probably can't be a Shazam...
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    Re: Champions to invest in? 5000 coins

    You'd be much better off playing with the tutorial champs and saving your Crisis Coins for later on down the road. Gaslight Batman, Wonder Woman, and Doomsday are three really good champs to start...
  23. Re: The IC Top Secret List of Coming Champions

    I think you're looking at this the wrong way. A character who "people have been requesting for a long time" wouldn't bring new people to the game, because all the Deathstroke, etc. love is coming...
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    Re: Idea for Advocate events

    Buddah, I'd be interested in helping out with this as well, regardless of whether or not I end up being accepted as an Advocate.
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    Re: AI Only in a MOBA = Weird?

    PVP is not the "right" way to play this game. It's the way that most people prefer, but I've known many people throughout my time playing MOBAs who didn't want to put up with all the potential...
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