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  1. Re: Infinite Crisis Audio Soundtrack and Comics

    For the comics I found out what I needed:

    Infinite Crisis: Fight for the Multiverse #12

    Infinite Crisis: Fight for the Multiverse Graphic Novel
  2. Infinite Crisis Audio Soundtrack and Comics

    Will the Infinite Crisis audio soundtrack on iTunes remain there or will that be pulled back? Same goes for the ongoing comic series of "Fight for the Multiverse" that have yet to be released in...
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    Re: I'm so sorry to the GH players

    In all honesty I think the best approach from the launch of Infinite Crisis was to release all the maps for queue and let the players play whatever they want. The common complaint and reasoning was...
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    Re: I'm so sorry to the GH players

    How much depth does CC and GD have and where does that put them now? The players have showed that they can't keep up the player growth and I think a majority of them are turned away from the game...
  5. Sticky: Re: Infinite Crisis Closes: August 14th, 2015

    Quite the disappointing news to hear for all of the IC community.

    This is where my dreams, aspirations, and hopes for a competitive Gotham Heights comes to an end. All those fun, exciting, nail...
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    Re: Ranked Matchmaking...?

    Yes, Ranked CC is pretty ****** right now.

    At least in Ranked GH there is a level of control and balance in the outcome of the match. Let us not forget manageable levels of aggravation.
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    Re: Bringy Back GH

    Just going by the queues and the time for me to get in a match on CC I'm not at all surprised by how long it takes. It feels as if both GH and GD were open and the average of the two is now CC but...
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    Re: Wednesday Nights on Heights is here!

    Don't worry you did not miss anything. It was not switched on this past week and we are waiting patiently for a response/explanation. :D

    As for last week it was turned on but little players knew...
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    Re: Do the Devs even care?

    Yes I understand, which is why I said wide spectrum of players and not competitive players exclusively.
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    Re: Do the Devs even care?

    The sad truth that we must all accept as competitive players is that we're the minority of the wide spectrum of players that come across this game. We don't have a significant say in our opinions and...
  11. Re: Thanks for those came out to the Gotham Heights Tourney!

    It was very good to meet and play with other players (with the exception of my teammates KoH :P) who showed interest in the map and exhibited that there is a striving competitive scene just waiting...
  12. Re: Starro Damage dealt - ridiculously high.

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    Re: Wednesday Nights on Heights is here!

    I found about this event this morning by scouring the interwebs via Infinite Crisis.

    I really wish there was some way to let the community know about these events other than forums and social...
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    Deadshot Visor Toggle

    Good job on the toggle for the Deadshot Visor in terms of visibility. It is now distinguishable from the previous one with the shining yellow which blended too well with the environment.

  15. Got Kicked Out of Game and cannot rejoin

    It says my game was unable to respond to server within 60 seconds, while I was playing the game, and forced me to do a re-que.
  16. Re: Post Game Screen Audio Infinite Annoying Loop

    ^ Basically this and it will not stop until you hit "Home" and leave the post game screen.
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    Re: Atomic Joker Glitches

    Can't wait for that March 26th launch
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    Katana Ultimate Continues

    Is it the intention of the developers to have Katana's ultimate, Thousand Cuts to continue slashing at multiple enemies even if the primary target is killed as a result? If so how does the last...
  19. Post Game Screen Audio Infinite Annoying Loop

    When you finish a game there is this audio bug that repeats this infinite loop of annoyance.
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    Katana Stolen Power?

    Isn't her unique Stolen Power suppose to set to default?
  21. Re: Scheduled Maintenance & Update: Wednesday, March 4th

    Teach me how to Coast City Adam Baldwin
  22. Re: Need help from comic book readers!!

    Help from DC Entertainment
  23. Re: March Update Early Look: Coast City Changes

    Are we getting an intro video for CC like we did for GD and GH? If so is it voiced by Green Lantern (Adam Baldwin)?
  24. Re: March Update Early Look: Champion Balance Changes

    Aquaman is not buffed until he summons a ginormous underwater dweller.
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    Re: Help for a newbie

    If you have a specific question(s) related to IC after reading that just post them here. I can help you out.
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