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    Re: Idea list of characters for game

    Hunter Zolomon as the Reverse Flash, He could have some cool time based powers, such as to slow down the entire enemy team as an ult, Or to make the match go back five seconds or so.
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    Why I'm leaving to LoL.

    Ok, so this is a list of why I'm leaving to LoL, short and sweet/bitter. I love'd this game but now after playing a game which is certainly superior I have to leave. I even made the mistake of...
  3. Re: Anybody else getting an insane amount of lag?

    It seems to have stopped for me today, weird.
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    Sticky: Re: Lag Spike Investigation, Phase 2

    Protector Name: Hippieslayer
    Date of Spike: 24/01/2015 23/01/2015 22/01/2015
    Time of Spike: All of each of those days
    Were you running other applications? If yes, what were they?: Google Chrome...
  5. Anybody else getting an insane amount of lag?

    I've been playing IC for a long time now, and the past two days have been brutal on the lag department, one minute it's fine the next it feels like I'm playing through Dial-up in a third world...
  6. You either have a problem with your average queue times or it's just flat out lying

    So today I decided I would play some IC in the mornings, not peak time I know. But I had a couple of hours to spare and would have been happy with only one or two games.

    I've now been waiting over...
  7. Re: How many Champions at lv 20 do you have?

    I've got Green Arrow and Flash at Level 20, and looking forward to seeing what I earn from that.
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    Re: Sign petition, save GD, save IC

    Yes, YOU know what this game needs more than the very people that created it and YOU are smarter than 95% of the community....

    So basically, what you want is an echo chamber of people agreeing...
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    Re: Coast City Weekend Encore: 12/5 - 12/7

    2 things.

    1) You should have announced this earlier instead of springing this on us at the last moment.

    2) If we're going to have a CC only weekend can you at least enable ranked play? If I'm...
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    Do you prefer GA's Q or E?

    As the title says. I see a lot of people using GA's E but I was always under the impression that his W was better. That may have changed in the latest updates or not.

    Nonetheless, which do you...
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    Re: Upcoming Map-specific Events!

    The only reason I play GH is because of time constraints, I don't mind whichever map I play on but I normally pick GH because it lets me have a couple of good games.

    I know I won't be able to play...
  12. Re: Blizzard may have just solved the afk problem...

    Surely then you get put in a never ending cycle of playing with these people and then you can't get out.

    For example, Player A rage quits a few too many times and gets put with those people. Is...
  13. Re: What DC character would you want to see in game?

    Gotta have some more Captain Cold here, I'd especially love the New 52 version that doesn't rely on his gun and has his own powers.

    Make him either a Blaster or bruiser, with most of his abilities...
  14. Re: Small question for players above Level 50.

    Wait, a hundred merit? That's it?
  15. Re: Small question for players above Level 50.

    Thanks dude
  16. Small question for players above Level 50.

    Hey guys, so I recently hit level 50 yesterday (Whoop whoop!) and I was wondering about the rewards for levelling up after 50.

    I know you still get Merit, but how much, and can you still unlock...
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    Re: Very disapointed

    I'd describe it like this, we have 3 plates of food, hamburgers, pizza and pasta

    Now some of us like pasta, some of us like pizza and some of us like hamburgers. I don't mind having to eat pasta...
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    Re: 10 second lag spikes in every game

    I don't know about you guys, but I went into the launcher and went on settings and choose to disable proxy and that sorted most of my issues out.
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    Re: 10 second lag spikes in every game

    Yeah, I'm getting lag spikes after the patch as well, today I even got disconnected from a game, strange.
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    Re: Post patch impressions

    Yeah, my connection was fine until after the patch. Now I have the odd occasional lag spike, weird.
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    Re: Replacement PC with problems.

    Thanks guys, I'll check the drivers.

    As for the 2GB RAM issue, my last PC had 2GB of RAM and it managed to be playable.
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    Replacement PC with problems.

    Hey all, so recently I had to get a replacement PC due to my old one breaking and I'm having some problems.

    To put it simply my frame rate rarely goes above 20 and drops heavily during team...
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    Re: New Turrets

    Dude, calm down on the aggressiveness, he made a post saying what he feels, no need to go all Passive-Aggressive.

    As for me, I did prefer the old turrets, so what they hit hard, if you're squishy...
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    Re: Turrents in Gotham Divided.

    Wait turrets shoot at you? Huh, I didn't notice.
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    Re: Take the survey you got in your email!

    That Merc Elite looks kinda good actually.
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