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    Re: GH - One last day of GH Event (EU)

    The EU servers are empty... I can't get a queue... damn it.
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    Re: June 6th: Community population boost

    Fumbles, here's an idea. Try reaching streamers and youtubers with big audience. For example I remember Angry Joe playing the game and he has a huge fanbase.
    I'm pretty sure that if you convince...
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    Sticky: Re: Infinite Crisis Closes: August 14th, 2015

    Celestrata, can you please honestly reply if there is any hope at all? I get if you're not allowed to tell us the reasons why the game is shutting down, but just tell us as a fan to fans, is there...
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    Sticky: Re: Infinite Crisis Closes: August 14th, 2015

    John Constantine in a game.... is there anything we can do to help continue the development of the game?
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    Sticky: Re: Infinite Crisis Closes: August 14th, 2015

    Not sure who's to blame, but the focus of this game has always been a commercial success instead of a quality game. The alpha state they released at first was beyond horrible and absolutely...
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    Sticky: Re: Infinite Crisis Closes: August 14th, 2015

    This is a bad decision. I've been a silent member of this community since the first week you've announced this game.
    You've done a tone of bad decisions, but you also did a lot of good, since this...
  7. Thread: Login Bonus

    by YamiRaziel

    Re: Login Bonus

    Hopefully, they'll come up with more interesting rewards.
  8. Thread: Login Bonus

    by YamiRaziel

    Re: Login Bonus

    Are there any more champions and skins in the login rewards after Joker? I'm curious how far have you guys got to?
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    Re: RPS: Infinite Crisis Review - Thoughts

    People will learn the game, eventually.
    It's a new uninformed community. Not to mention that every bronze-gold troll from League, Hon and Dota 2 will probably join cause there is no chance of...
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    Re: Please devs,make Russia server dedicated

    Dear Devs,

    When will you separate the Russian servers from the EU one. Technically, most of Russia is not even in Europe.

    I have nothing against the Russian players, but I'm sick and tired of...
  11. Re: Unofficial Most-Wanted Characters Poll (vote for 5!)

    1. Constantine
    2. Black Adam
    3. Black Manta
    4. Merlyn, the Magician
    5. Scarecrow
  12. Re: The ammount of toxic players is way too high

    You if actually respond, that's still better than not responding at all.

    This is what usually happens on EU servers. People pick champions and go whatever the hell they want, whenever the hell...
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    Re: who here was in beta

    I was even in the alpha, but I didn't play that much :)
  14. Re: My two cents of feedbak / AKA "Why I'm leaving the game"

    Better to play what you're really good at instead of following the "Meta" and playing champions you suck with. That won't get you far.

    In LoL, if I remember correctly, "Meta" is the mostly used in...
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    Re: Bulgarian players around ?

    I am Bulgarian, but I'm not convinced I wanna play with Bulgarians, no offense
  16. Re: Sinestro "Fearsome Tyrant" Free Skin Giveaway

    Both work perfectly. Thank you, guys!
  17. Re: Free Arkham Origins Joker skin code for all!!

    Gone for 2 days and I missed one of the few skins I actually like... damn.
    I suppose nobody has a spare key they would like to share with me?
  18. Re: How open is the dev team to maps suggestions?

    I agree with Suncho. The map design is currently a huge issue with the game.
    The maps are copies of the other games. You said that GH and GD are unique? Care you elaborate? I haven't seen a single...
  19. Jungle minions and creeps + map suggestions

    This topic is going to be mainly my personal opinion and what I would love is if people join in and give theirs as well.

    As of now there are a few thing is really do not like.
    1. Map designs and...
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    Re: Why not choose a new city?

    I would love to see maps with more unique design (visuals). Something set in Themyscira or Atlantis. The city maps are kinda ugly the the colours are so dead. I would love to have this game a bit...
  21. Re: 5 ways to make people stay. {MSG to Turbine}

    I believe you're jumping to conclusions. Yes, it is the right thing to work on MMR, but whether they've got a good formula is yet to be seen. MMR itself is not going to make a future for the game....
  22. Re: OK, Turbine, he's some free money (tutorial idea)

    I love your idea. IC and DC should start doing things their way, not try to shine where others are already dominating. Story mode that includes tutorials and cutscenes... what's not to love.
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    Re: poor graphics and overheat Gpu

    Nothing wrong with his machine. Mine is almost the same and I experience the same things. I play a lot of other games and I have no issues. I've done diagnostics and all is fine on my end.
    It is...
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    Re: No plans for MMR in the near future.

    Yes, we have. I believe we've already discussed this in another topic.
  25. Re: 5 ways to make people stay. {MSG to Turbine}

    Apparently, I've missed your apology. I know that you don't care whether I respect you or not but that shouldn't prevent us from keeping a good tone and maintaining positive attitude even when in...
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