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  1. Re: If report system is working, then how....

    I said this before, I know the guy you're talking about, since I saw it before you edited it out. I've seen him in many matches recently, and while yes, he's a pretty poor player, he isn't doing...
  2. Re: If report system is working, then how....

    Probably because he isn't doing anything wrong. I've seen him before, and he likes to play Flash and run around uncapping points on GH. Sure he dies a lot, and isn't much use in a team fight, but he...
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    Re: The Flash buff

    Flash is fine on GH, the cooldown reduction on F=MA is clearly a decent buff that will help his sustained damage, either in lane or in the jungle (since thats what matters now with GH going away next...
  4. Re: March Update Early Look: Champion Balance Changes

    It was mentioned her Ult does half damage now to drones and creatures, so I guess that's it.
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    Re: Breaking News Confirmed!

    Seriously, what's with all the doom and gloom on these forums? You all act like Turbine came to your house and punched your dog in the face. Give it a rest. So there's no new costume this week, big...
  6. Re: March Update Early Look: Coast City Changes

    Is the plan still to go through multiple iterations of Coast City to see what works best? Need to get some play time in with these changes to see how they feel before making judgment, but I'm still a...
  7. Re: March Update Early Look: Champion Balance Changes

    Thanks for the clarification on these skills. It actually sounds like Nightbat might be in a good place after this, just the passive needs another look. I like the batswarm change in particular, that...
  8. Re: March Update Early Look: Champion Balance Changes

    Most of these changes look alright to me, but a few stand out as quite poor. Nightmare Batman used to be my favorite character to play but after many changes last year he felt really weak. His...
  9. Thread: Really?

    by Myrddraal87

    Re: Really?

    I haven't seen this bug either in 1000+ games, looks like it would be annoying.
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    Re: Why I feel CC will fail

    For every person like you who is against this change, there is another who is all for it. You need to get over it dude, CC is happening.
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    Re: I need dev's help...about nvidia code

    Redeem the code here, and put the code you get from there onto your IC account.
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    Re: About Katana

    Aren't you the guy that claimed he had an inside source, and that Lex was the next champion?
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    Re: Is anyone playing this game ?

    You won't find a game at this time, people have work or school ect, and the community is small. Play during the day and you'll get matches in a couple of mins.
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    Re: About Katana

    I get that, i really do, the delays in champion releases always suck. But this same thing happens with every champion release. people hype themselves up then the new champ isn't who they wanted, and...
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    Re: About Katana

    Just a tad overly dramatic there, eh? Katana wasn't heavily requested, sure, but she looks fun enough. I don't see the problem. This happens every time a new champion is coming, people get seriously...
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    Re: Mega Rods passive

    The splash damage only hits nearby targets, not the primary target you're actually attacking, if it did then maybe the item would be more worthwhile.
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    Re: Reporting System

    Nope, it was something like, you have been reported multiple times for afking in matches, continuing to do so will result in loss of merit and eventually a ban. Was sometime last April it happened,...
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    Re: Reporting System

    It definitely does work, IC was my first moba and very early on I got real salty coming up against the same 5 man premade, constantly for days on end. It got the point where i just sat in the base...
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    Re: Controllers - Ivy Prime & Harley

    Harley was quite heavily nerfed, not sure why everyone has so much trouble with her. She had the cooldown on pies increased, the cooldown on the knockback increased, and I'm pretty sure the heal had...
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    Re: regording classic skins

    Actually they tried to get Stephen Amell to do voice work for the Starling City Green Arrow costume but there was an issue with conflicting schedules or something like that.
  21. Re: So many people dropping queue because they don't get the new champion..

    Well either way, it's not a huge deal, it's just mildly annoying and I was curious. So far every game has had a Hawkgirl on each team and people in game have been pretty positive about her overall...
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    Re: Hawkgirl is poorly designed champion

    Hawkgirl is extremely good from what I've played of her so far. Might be because she's new, but i find her very fun to play and a strong choice for a bruiser.
  23. Re: So many people dropping queue because they don't get the new champion..

    The second one, it's happened at least 15 times now today, and always after someone else selects Hawkgirl.
  24. So many people dropping queue because they don't get the new champion..

    Hey guys,

    So... yeah, this is out of control. Played one match today, and so far theres been 7 queues dropped, and I'm sure there will be many more to follow. Does anything happen to the people...
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    Re: Questions regarding 'Spring Update'

    It was confirmed on the stream yesterday that the patch will be coming in March sometime. I believe it was also said that when the queue times become good enough, they will open CC ranked.
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