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  1. 1 day has passed and STILL my entry for the MS Pro Paint Contest is not approved!

    I made and submitted my entry yesterday (August 1st) and I've been refreshing my entry page since and all I see is "Your entry is pending approval.

    Bookmark this link and check back soon:...
  2. Re: Live Dev Q&A Chat: Champion Design and Balance on July 23rd

    Please explain Harley Quinn's design/build?

    I get she's a hybrid, but why..?
    I just think it needs fixing. Unless I'm just not understanding.
    It's cute that she's support, but in actual game...
  3. Re: Live Q&A Dev Chat: eSports Wednesday July 16th!

    Will there be a new Harley Quinn Champion?
    Perhaps one with an Ame-Comi skin...
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