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  1. Re: Replace your favourite Champions quotes with "Potato"

    "Vampire Potato?...Man things got weird...." - Shazam to Nightmare Pot-Batman.
    "Good Job, Potato." Batman to Robin
    "So in your World there was no Potato, sister?" AWW to Wonder Woman.
    "Mista J!...
  2. Re: Competitive team 5 Bored Men is looking for members

    I'll be playing later this evening (6-10) edt, I'm still looking for a team, I usually play jungle or top, but I have experience in bot lane with both Arcane GL, Shazam, and others, as well as plenty...
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    Re: Champion Profile: Atomic Green Lantern

    I didn't think I wanted this Champion that badly. I now can't wait to get more ring-slingin' in!
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    Re: Introducing Amplifier Sets

    While I love the idea of Item Amplifiers, I'm not so much a fan of the need for Amplifiers overall.

    I suppose for me it all depends on implementation. Too many amps that you have to unlock, and...
  5. Embarrassing Mis-plays, Games and other fun stuff.

    So last night, I was Streaming, playing and more-or-less doing an awful job attempting to Jungle on Coast City with flash. Then this happened:
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    Re: Custom UI overlays for streamers

    These are awesome, I'll try 'em out on my next stream, and drop your name.

    In the mean time, perhaps a Green Lantern-centric one?
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