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  1. Re: New tO MOBAs, been playing a day and I love it

    You said team, not I.
    I can already tell you have a bright future in mobas gunghorjc.

    Welcome to the community!
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    Re: 4 Bruisers on a team?

    This really.
    You counter heavy bruiser comps with mobile poking tactics.

    Most bruisers aren't too much of a threat if they don't get a good engage and stick to their target, so use the teams...
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    Re: do any of you guys on teams stream GH?

    GHR has started rotating our streamers through the single Zimpyk Twitch channel to try and keep it going more often, but we've not been able to find other EU teams to scrim with for a long time :(
  4. Re: Your thoughts on Gotham Heights in Kings of the Crisis?

    Everything Genericke said.
  5. Re: "Let's reinvent Gaslight Joker, but actually make him useless"

    I seem to be one of the few that enjoy him :<

    Keep in mind these are only thoughts on how he is on GH, no idea how these changes would effect him on GD.

    I feel like his rage generation needs to...
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    Re: Coast City in EU

    This. Would very much like to play a bit of CC.
  7. Re: Looking for people to form a competitive team with on GH

    This warms my heart.
    Teams on EU GH are starting to become a common thing and it's making the game fun again.

    Wish you all the best broke buddy, looking forward to the games!
  8. Re: Fix the lag, it's not our computers or connection.

    Because I wouldn't know if I was having issues? D: C'mon man.. I was online gaming back when Duke Nukem 3D was the dogs danglies and we all had to use dial up + 3rd party programs to play...
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    Re: GH 3 tank meta strat real?!?!?

    I don't often see this being successful outside of solo / duo Q tbh.

    A heavy front line is absolutely necessary for those team fights and 3+ heavys can quickly dominate the initial top fight, but...
  10. Re: Fix the lag, it's not our computers or connection.

    I'm not. The only lag issues I ever had were on my side and were resolved quickly by resetting the router then switching to dx9. Someone I know has similar issues but did the same + reinstalled the...
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    Re: Bleed Portal Explanation for GH?

    It does however work on Mecha Supermans crystals, so a quick W into Pr0tal can open up a world of hurt wherever he pleases if you're team is fast enough (please don't nerf this Turbs.. just add more...
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    Re: Meta for beginner

    GH is currently 4 top, 1 bot.

    How you handle the 4 top depends on your team comp.. if you have a faster champion he can solo cap the 1st point while 3 run for top. Their speed allows them to catch...
  13. Re: Better tutoria/practicel system, PLEASE!

    You guys gonna give me an ego.. and get me focused more than I already do..

    For the time being mate, try linking to...
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    Re: Any Founder Packs?

    I cannot answer as to whether or not they will ever re-release the founder packs (my gut instinct says no) but you can view what they contained at:...
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    Re: Mecha Supes heal

    oh Scrubs, you were so good to me.
  16. Re: Moving to IC from LOL, looking for premade groups

    Yes, yes it is :)
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    Re: Mecha Supes heal

    I think I just picked up a slight man crush for you V3ggy.

    And yes, as you say, Mega Soups aura is an aura heal. This man speaks the truth.
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    Re: Lets support Nerdock!

    Nerdock for all these things!
  19. Re: GH Tournament Team Construction Thread (NOT signups)

    Just wanted to add to this also. You have done / are doing an amazing job Nerdock. We all thank you.
  20. Re: What is the unique selling point of Infinite Crisis?... 3:12

    10k gold champs seem to be $9.99, which is still absolutely acceptable. Some of the skins seem to be around $15, but...
  21. Re: New to the game and want to be a part of an active community

    Not weird at all mate. There are plenty of people out there that feel the same way, myself included. Mobas can be a very frustrating genre to play as a solo player, and playing as a group with...
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    Re: First of the Day Merit Bonus per Map

    Throwing in a +1 for this, and I only play one map.
    Would be a great incentive to keep the population circling across all the maps.
  23. Superman base to base, because it's Superman.

    Shameless Twitch Plug

    I know this wont be the 1st time people have seen this happen, but it was ours, and wanted to share it with others that haven't had a laugh with it.
  24. Re: GH Tournament Team Construction Thread (NOT signups)



  25. Re: Some will bleed, some will feed in IC_DeadPeople, Issue 2!

    Ah! Much respect for not only dropping this across the multiple servers (expected really) but also across the 3 map types too. Thank you guys :)
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