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    Jungle minions and creeps + map suggestions

    This topic is going to be mainly my personal opinion and what I would love is if people join in and give theirs as well.

    As of now there are a few thing is really do not like.
    1. Map designs and visuals
    2. Jungle Minions
    3. Creeps

    1. I find the maps uninspiring, boring and not memorable at all. One city is okay but having 2 Gotham maps and a Coast City map is too much for me. Too much of city environment, uglish grey pavement and no memorable details. Seriously, to be honest 1 city is enough. Gotham and Coast is fine, but having three... just too much for me.
    All the maps are cluttered with robotic thingies and what not that have 0 aesthetics in my opinion. There isn't a single detail from the maps that stands out to me or looks good. For the most part I feel like playing on a grey pavement with cars around. I don't certainly get the feeling I am in a city.

    I will have to try and take notice of things so that I can post more concrete details and possible resolutions to this. What do you guys thing?

    2. Jungle minions. All of the same ugly robots. I am always clueless as to what I am fighting. Once I started fighting the Leviathan, thinking I'm fighting the Raider. No visual difference for me at all.
    3. Creeps - the minions are more of the robot thingies, uninspiring and ugly in my eyes, they don't add anything to the atmosphere of the game. Seriously, I prefer the creeps of the original Dota from Wc3. Even the trees vs ghouls had some distinction.

    Suggestions: Change the maps entirely, change the minions and give it a unique look and feeling. The map is the most important thing in a Moba. Along with the champion designs it is the thing that I look at all the time while playing. It has too be enjoyable, it has to be good and it has to be unique.

    My suggestion: Change Gotham Divided to something like an Atlantis map. Get rid of everything robotic. EVERYTHING. Make the Leviathan some great see monster like a Cthulhu, Great Godzilla, the Krakken... whatever you want Something distinctive, cool and memorable. Make the Raider into a great shark or something similar. Give it an appealing atmosphere. Make unique watery art design. We haven't ever had a underwater map in a moba. Not to my knowledge. Blizzard did great with their water zone design in Cataclysm. It was memorable, at least to me.
    Put some story into the map: For example - The Throne of Atlantis. Aquaman vs Black manta.
    Make the creeps Atlantian soldiers vs Black Manta soldiers -
    Give it a unique feeling.

    Another way would be to change Coast City to a battle between Wonder Woman and Aquaman from FlashPoint Paradox. They will be fighting for the doomsday device. Make Atlantian soldiers vs Amazon ones.

    Change the turrets on every map. Robots are not inspiring when missing the Scifi background and this is not a scifi game.
    You have tons of DC content you can borrow from. Why robots?

    The first tutorial zone in DC Universe Online are Brainiac's.. wait for it... robots. What's with DC and uninspiring robots is beyond me.

    So guys what do you think?

    IC Dev team, I would love your opinions too. Can you say whether these are the final designs of the maps/creeps/turrets or are these more of a placeholders?
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