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    Re: Last words to Coast City

    Quote Originally Posted by Dycer94 View Post
    The temporary closure is for people on all the servers to focus on the rest of the maps. They want people to test GD draft, GH ranking and so on. I personally don't have a problem firing off a custom or two nightly, or even in the afternoon. I'd get more in, but I am running special training courses very early in the morning for awhile yet. If you want to get in, follow the info here: Even Pros and Devs show up to partake in the fun. And the only rule is to be a decent person. We can teach you how to play, it's no big deal. In fact I might make a habit of running practice groups for new guys too.

    Now if you may stop your trolling, and participate in the resurgence of your favorite map, we will all be grateful. Once the focus testing is over, Coast City will be back up, but once again you won't queue for it, and just complain about the lack of players.

    P.S. Celestrata, do you mind sticking my Coast City game somewhere where I don't have to keep bumping it past trolls/negative players for people to see it. The group is getting larger, but the new/newish population is still rather low. And those are the people I send invites out to first (after I get a couple of "captains") when I start the match lobby.
    Normally we don't sticky, however, because the Coast City groups are popular, it has been stuck.
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    Re: Last words to Coast City

    Quote Originally Posted by Celestrata View Post
    Normally we don't sticky, however, because the Coast City groups are popular, it has been stuck.
    Thank you very much.
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