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    Mecha Flash

    Barry Allen was a race car driver, and a good one...He was known as the " fastest man alive" having broken nearly every racing record there was including the fastest pit stops, due to his mechanized pit crew robot 4ll3N...
    4LL3N insured not only the fasest pit stops, but was programmed to relay tactical, and safety infomation directly to Barry during each race. After to many races where 4LL3N's constant critisism of Barry's reckless driving style led to Barry coming in second or third (( lord help us lol )) Barry ommissioned to have the robot reprogrammed with a more carefree, and optimistic personality. The cheerful banter between Barry and the "Barry Bot" as it became known as due to its personality simularities, as expected again boosted Barry " the Flash" as he was bcoming known as, confidence and he was once again winning every race..

    A rusian mob boss named Nicoli Grodd..also known as " The Gorilla" brooched Barry with an offer of 7 Million dollas ( cant help but say it ghetto) if he would throw his next race, which was the bigget international race to date, and allow Grodds son, a racer known as Dr Zoom, to place first. Barry ofcourse refused, and after threats of injury began t be thrown around Barry made a daring escape fom the mobsters in a High spped car chase..The racer known as Dr Zoom was injured, and paralized during the escpe and Grodd swore revenge for his son..

    Years later the same international race was about to start and Barry was running late due to a long night of clubbing with his new " life partner"(( comeon you know its cannon his prefference and its 2014 get over yur inscurities alrdy)) he insisted that 4LL3N skip the usual safety inspection of his car and joined the race without it..Somewhere in the 159th lap, a losened wheel shot off of Barrys car cauing it to flip and tumble resulting in his death, the death of 20 other racers and multiple injuries to many others including some spectators..

    The company Barry drove for ordered 4LL3N decomssioned fr failing to do a safety inspection prior to the race, but Barrys life partner refused, knowing hiw fond Barry was of the repair bot, and took it and Barrys demolished car back to their mansion..Upon inspection of the car they came to the conclusdion that it had indeed be sabatosed and Barrys death was no accident...4LL3N feeling it had failedto save Barry, merged with the remains of the car and became the hero known as the Flash..Vowing to always be whereever a life needed saving..

    Mecha Flash is a Attk dmg melee support.(( edit..CONTROLLER))

    Safety First
    Basic Attacks increase Mecha Flash, and surrounding (( think mecha Supes Passive circle)) allys movement speed by 4/8/12/16%+ 100% bonus mov speed for 3 secs stacking up to 3 times.

    Mecha Flash and surrounding allys gain +20/30/40/50% health regen..this bonus stacks for mecha Flash dpending on how many allys are in the AOE.. Max lvl. with 4 allys in the aoe MFlash would gain 200% health regen..but his allys would only have + 50%
    this is a constant passive.

    On you mark...Get Set...
    MFlash gets " rdy" revving his " engine". ( I imagine a cool revving animation) for 2 seconds..he is rooted during this 2 seconds as this is a " primer" for the next part of the skill, and if he is attacked during the primer part he is interupted and the skill goes on half CD...
    if a corrisponding skill is not used before the 2 secs are up, the skill goes on a 75% CD
    During the 2 second any of his 4 skills can be used for varying effects..

    Q. GO
    after " primed" is a targetable dash where MFlash " reverts" to a " car" mode(( trynna avoid the word transform)) and Drives drag racer style to the targetted location..Its a straight line Dash with doubke the distance of Flash primes Q dash..Any enemys hit along the way are kncked up for .5 secs and when MFlash reaches the target location he knocks diwn any enmys in a small aoe around himself (( melee rnge))

    Dmg scale
    75/100/150/200 +30%AD
    knovk up/down .5+% Will

    W .
    Oil Spill
    MFlash sprays a targetted area with oil causing any enemys whom are in it ir walk over it to be slowed ..

    slow 20/30/40/50%
    duration 1.5/2/2.5/3 secs

    W. Oil Disaster
    "primed" (( meaning U primed with Q then pressed W)) MFlash explodes in a spray of oil in a AOE around himself with double the AOE size of his normal W..enemys caught in this oil spill are slowed like regular but also take an aditional 5/7/9/12% dmg for the duration of the slow.

    Standing in the oil spill, which last for 3 seconds wll kerp the debuff on you..the demenishing timer will not start until you are no longer in the " oil spill"

    Pit Crew
    MFlash sprays a nanobyte repair beam at double melee rng infront of himself for 4 seconds or until cancelled by pressing E a second time. MFlash can move freely during this 4 seconds and will continually shoot out the beam directly infront of himself.

    Heals 15/25/35/50 +100% bonus health regen per second
    Dmg 15/25/35/5015% AD per second to enemys

    E . " primed"
    changes the beam to a 45 degree cone of effect and increases its rng by 50%

    Pit Stop
    MFlash dashes to the targetted ally placing them and himself in a statis feild (( taking oth champs ou of combat making them both, unable to move or use skills, and unable to be attacked. (( think neurons contract)) He then heals the target for 10/16/20/25%+ 150% health regen per second.. this skill last 2 seconds.

    R. " primed"
    While in the statis feild MFlash radiates an aura of safety and repair. granting 40% of his bonus Armor and P Armor to any other ally in a aoe around himself and healing any ally in the aoe (( except himslf and the ally with him in the statis feild)) for 15/25/35/50+ 100% of his health regen for the 2 secs

    I based alot of his scills off Health regen because its n under use stat, but eith this kit could be very nice..and Alot of the hp regen items have move speed aswell fitting very ncely on a "Flah" champ

    Mecha Flash is a varied Support..having some crowd control, some debuffing ability, and very versitile healing ability and excells at last second lufe saves, aswell as providing decent team support.
    Yes..over NINE THOUSAND!!

    also..Consider Ham as an option.

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    Re: Mecha Flash

    Well, this story got me hooked. Now I want Mecha Flash :/

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    Re: Mecha Flash

    I can see this working.

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    Re: Mecha Flash

    Can we get a Mecha hero without a backstory that involves the death of his owner? XD.

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    Re: Mecha Flash

    That's a decent story and all but I feel like every single origin story has someone dying in it.

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    Re: Mecha Flash

    As a Flash fan, I nearly threw up reading that story.



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