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    Thoughts on Map Design so far

    I just wanted to say that I've really enjoyed the change of pace from League of Legends to Infinite Crisis. The interaction on the IC map has kept me coming back to this game. Things that have me coming back right now are the Neutral Drones on the amp that generate EMPs, Surveillance Cameras and other Item Generations. The amount of teamwork that these items bring to the game makes me pretty happy.

    The only suggestion I have for the map are the jungle creeps that drop the speed boost item. I would suggestion making this drop act as a usable olbject, i.e. wards, so that junglers can use them to make ganks more successful. At the moment when junglers pick up the speed boost from the more difficult jungle drones - they can't really get to a lane and use the boost whistle in lane. Making it an action item (an item you can use) would allow for interaction for the jungler. xD

    Please let me know what you all think!

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    Re: Thoughts on Map Design so far

    well the boost is not for ganking, the boost pad is, you get both after the kill, but I agree I hated Summoners rift for the fact I played it so much and it just wasn't fun,playing Support sucked cause you were always broke during the match and being Support is common with so many children wanting to play Specialty roles,i don't mind playing "support" in this game because you get same gold as a kill for a assist and overall feels more fun when you have more gold and can be Viable for your team,also grabing coins and stuff is fun as a support.i always hated when I missed a last hit and get nothing, I love the coin system after a drone die/buying items at turret and the emp/hp/speed pad.

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    Re: Thoughts on Map Design so far

    I totally agree with you Phytes. I really enjoy this game because it is like League of Legends with new content. I played LoL for two years ant stoped playin it because every game felt the same. Playing Summoners Rfit every single time bored me in the end. The worst thing was that they announced big changes to the map every season instead of making a new one. You are excited about the changes and think wow somethin new is happening, this will give myself a whole new feeling playing this game. In the end they put two new bushes and two new minions in the jungle after a year and i was like "wow,.... really"?

    As for now im excited to see how this game will evolve. There are many features within in the map which make it pretty fun playing. Things like the intereaction with the cars, the coin and beacon system as mentioned and the healthdrops in the jungle. Right now i would make only one suggestion, i would make the "Baron"-Drones in the jungle look more badass, if you know what i mean.



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