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    Pro Teams in the queue not fun times for casuals


    I'm curious as to what benifit a pro team gets 'practising' against casual teams? By casual I do include premade teams of casual players. I had the unfortunate experience of playing against a pro team this morning and it was a complete non event for our team.
    There is not alot you can take away from a game against a team that is sitting on teamspeak crunching a team into the ground. I don't see what the pros get out of this type of game, would it not be better to play a custom match?
    I'm happy to learn from my experiences and have done just that playing with some very good players but a game like this doesn't seem to benifit anyone. It is of course better than AFK players but not by much. Maybe if there was a replay system in place it would be worth it for the review but until then....

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    Re: Pro Teams in the queue not fun times for casuals

    I'm not sure what they get out of it either. Currently the way the queue matches you up is after 8 minutes it matches you with anyone. So... if you are in the queue for 8 minutes you get matched with their level. If they are in the queue for 8 minutes they get matched against anyone.

    Once in, you can't leave or you get /reported as /leaver or /afker. You're kind of stuck while they face-wipe you on the board.

    I'm new to MOBAs (learning more each time) and there's a LOT to try and figure out. Some of the matches clearly are very experienced teams. They can just camp your entrance areas and lock you at home base. They can even kill you on the "safe" path at home base. They know how to Jump En Mass so 4 land on you at one time.

    I guess it's yucks for them....
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    Re: Pro Teams in the queue not fun times for casuals

    I've been watching a lot of streams lately and it's always sad to see a nice streamer invite viewers to group up only to get steamrolled by actual teams on Gotham Divided.

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    Re: Pro Teams in the queue not fun times for casuals

    There's not always the possibility of custom games for pro teams. More often than not, during daytime, there's at best 3 players online for each team. This is not enough to do customs, so they queue up as premades to get a 5v5 going any way.

    I can see how it sucks, but always try to learn from what they're doing. That way you'll improve more rapidly than fighting a bunch of potatoes and you will be a much better player in no-time.

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    Re: Pro Teams in the queue not fun times for casuals

    Easy Merit. Practice when they don't have the ability to do a scrim against other pro teams.
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    Re: Pro Teams in the queue not fun times for casuals

    I have no problem with it. When they are there, ask for advice, help with something you don't understand, or questions you have about the game, or them. Don't be too overbearing, and the nice ones will be happy to answer.
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    Re: Pro Teams in the queue not fun times for casuals

    This is not something that is uncommon in games like this. Of course, as the population continues to grow, this will happen less frequently. In the meantime take it as most of us here do, a chance to learn.
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    Re: Pro Teams in the queue not fun times for casuals

    I've been on both sides of this. I've stomped pubs with my teammates and I've solo qued and been placed against premades. Tbh, being on both sides of that is not fun. Stomping people mindlessly is boring. Being focused and stomped by a premade, equally boring. It's simply a matter of population size right now. =/

    Also, as others have said, I know a lot of top tier players love to help new or inexperienced players and answer any questions you have.
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    Re: Pro Teams in the queue not fun times for casuals

    I rather Play Against the Best Of The Best so it can sharpen my Blades after I defeat all your Rivals and enemies Im Pointing the Sword at you Complexity LOL(Disclaimer all In Fun Guys this statement is all in Fun To stir up some Friendly competition and Rivarly in no means Trash talk to those who are New to E Sports Scene. Peace)
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    Re: Pro Teams in the queue not fun times for casuals

    Well, it's not necessarily about practicing. It's more about having fun playing a game together as a group of friends who all just happen to be on the same team. Real practice is for scrims.



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