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    Delay delay delay! curse u delays

    I keep getting ( and have heard many others in game complain) a slight half second to 1 second delay!

    whats up with it? I tried running repair but it doesnt help. And it rly sucks

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    Re: Delay delay delay! curse u delays

    Same here it's completely random I'm from Canada it shouldn't be happening.

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    Re: Delay delay delay! curse u delays

    I've had issues with delay since the most recent patch. However, I wanted to see if DX11 ran any better for me (it doesn't). So that might be the cause of my problem. But it's still intermittent, just like it was when I experienced it before several months back. It was more or less gone for a while until this patch hit. I'm going to switch back to DX9 and see what happens.
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