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    Benefit for Leveling a Champion to max Level

    Hey Community,

    I wonder if there will be any benefit in the future for leveling a champion to level 20?
    Maybe a skin, that would be nice. A enhanced version of theire stolen Powers?


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    Re: Benefit for Leveling a Champion to max Level

    I do believe they have something planned for leveling champs beyond level 5, but as of yet it's still just speculation.

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    Re: Benefit for Leveling a Champion to max Level

    That's correct....I also have to assume they will backpay any rewards. I would LOVE to see extra merit AND exclusive skins!

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    Re: Benefit for Leveling a Champion to max Level

    It isn't that hard to level a single Champ to 20. I think that an unlocked Stolen at 5 with some Merit at 20 will be fine.

    A limited costume isn't very limited when all one has to do is play some games with a Champ. I want to see limited costumes for greater feats than that.
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