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    Leviathan/Raider bug

    So me and a couple of my friends were playing on Gotham Divided when raider spawned, and so we took raider and the buff dropped directly on top of my friend who was playing Atomic Poison Ivy and she got glitched in the buff, no one could click on the buff and she couldn't get out unless backing. I just thought that this would be a bug that should be reported and I was wondering if anyone else had that happen

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    Re: Leviathan/Raider bug

    The only thing you can do to get out of this at the moment is:

    1: Use a gapcloser to free yourself from the purple binding of death that has clamped onto you.
    2: Ask friends to keep trying to rightclick a beacon, however with a large hitbox(Atomic Poison Ivy has a rather large one) this will be harder.
    3: Ask the enemy team to kill you at the buff, or /slitwrists.

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    Re: Leviathan/Raider bug

    You can also return to base or tele out. However, you are leaving the beacon open to the enemy team.
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