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    Re: Scheduled Patch: Wednesday, April 2nd

    I don't know if this the appropriate thread to post this but the map looks amazing now (Using ultra high option)

    Waiting for the wards to be smaller icons on the map and do some changes so that it wont look like an eternity till we get to the enemy base :P

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    Re: Scheduled Patch: Wednesday, April 2nd

    Quote Originally Posted by Floon View Post
    You guys think you have it rough... I've been dying to have the new GD update out there for a while now... the delay, it burnssss....
    Worth the wait.
    It looks fantastic!

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    Re: Scheduled Patch: Wednesday, April 2nd

    did you saw new gotham divided on low settings? looks terrible

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    Re: Scheduled Patch: Wednesday, April 2nd

    Ok, now that there is already a thread to discuss and give feedback about the patch, i should redirect all of you to it.
    If you are having tech issues, want to report a bug, report a player, your code isn't working or got any comment or feedback.
    GO HERE:

    Submit a ticket, to do all listed above and even more.

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