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    Re: Going PAX? List yourself here!

    Krashy Checking in.
    Connect with me!

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    Re: Going PAX? List yourself here!

    I'll be there! Hopefully playing in the Amateur tournament :3

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    Re: Going PAX? List yourself here!

    I will also be there on Saturday

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    Re: Going PAX? List yourself here!

    I will live in the booth. Me and my snack foods.
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    Re: Going PAX? List yourself here!

    Well they just said on the manfights stream we can abuse them.

    So every break imma go to the ic booth and force the them to listen to bad music till wrecks needs a straight jacket.

    Taking suggestions now

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    Re: Going PAX? List yourself here!

    In truth, every single person you've heard of with an IC tag that works for Turbine will be at PAX East It's our home town event! We'll be there in force. Come play at our booth! Hopefully by Sunday things will have calmed down a little and we can play some games ourselves with everyone.

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    Re: Going PAX? List yourself here!

    Can you tell pax east to push the event a a week. The millitary wants to drain the life force from me for those 3 days. I swear they are anti - creative on the Un - enlisted side. They would do every thing in thew power to make sure they don't miss the Super Bowl but if I was too mention I went to pax for just a day I would be slain as well as my career!

    *sigh* lol

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    Re: Going PAX? List yourself here!

    Zaccubus confirmed!

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    Re: Going PAX? List yourself here!

    I'll be there!

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    Re: Going PAX? List yourself here!

    PeterPlatinum joins the fray!

    I'll be there on Friday—ONE DAY ONLY! I'm going to try to hang out by the IC booth as much as possible, but I have to cram a lot into one day. Looking forward to meeting everyone!
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