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    We have justice now we need crime!

    With the new open beta and the "What do you fight for?" slogan it made me think that there is simply not enough super villains in infinite crisis currently we have one superman villain (doomsday) and 3 batman villains (joker, harley and poison ivy). I don't count Cat Woman or Star Sapphire as villains for throughout the series they play both sides good and evil. And I specifically keep out the bad versions of characters like the nightmare versions for a super hero gone crazy is still not a real villain. So I repeat We have justice now we need crime.

    P.s. Now that blue beetle is announced I would not count him for even tho his suit is evil he is good.

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    Re: We have justice now we need crime!

    I'm pretty sure we need more heroes/neutrals as I think that these are the champs that make people come and play.

    Villains are nice, some are v nice to play, and there is probably a group of people that would be brought to the game by some of the villains

    However, I suspect that most people come for the heroes and increasing the player base should be a top priority because without some sort of decent matchmaking process(that we can't have without a large enough player base) the game has no future.

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    Re: We have justice now we need crime!

    I'm all about the villains #turbinepls. But you have to count allllll the villains. Multiverse and Anti-heroes. Star Sapphire is a hero in this game btw.
    But we deff need some of the necessary villains like Lex Luthor, Circe, Captain Cold, Black Manta, etc. All the main villains of the main heroes. BLACKMANTA#turbinepls.


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    Re: We have justice now we need crime!

    I thou they announced a villain time. And we know about some villains coming (sinestro, atrocitus, atomic joker and other that not sure if they were officially announced)
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    Re: We have justice now we need crime!

    I've heard talk about Villains being announced, but I've never personally seen it , theyre definately coming though, search your game folder, you know it to be true , under sounds you will see villains and heroes not yet in the game. But I hear you, cant wait. We need some Villains and at least one female bruiser.
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    Re: We have justice now we need crime!

    Agreed! I really want to play tank with Bane, and support with The Riddler or Control with Mxylpltzk. I'm surprised Red Lantern Supergirl hasn't been added as a champion as a tie-in to the current comic storyline; that would definitely be a smart move for DC to get players reading the comics and comic fans playing the game. I subscribe to a few of the Batman titles and pick up the Harley series every month, and I'm surprised they haven't snuck a beta or costume unlock code into one of the books to get some people into the game.

    I would also love to see some Heroes vs Villains themed matches. Justice League, Super Friends, Rogue's Gallery, whatever you want to call it, but I think there's wasted potential there.
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    Re: We have justice now we need crime!

    Realistically speaking. Batman has the most fun line up of villains. Bane, CLayface, Red Hood, Two Face, Ra's al Ghul, even the Penguin. All of these would be awesome to play in this game.

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    Re: We have justice now we need crime!

    Too many bat villians

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    Re: We have justice now we need crime!

    More villains are coming, don't worry!
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    Re: We have justice now we need crime!

    Quote Originally Posted by IC_Frelorn View Post
    More villains are coming, don't worry!
    feel free to share some hints On ones that weren't already leaked (Sinestro, atrocious, atomicJoker)




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