So since lue beetle IS the on from young justice(( seriously like same art etc)) I watched the 2 seasons guys work for WB..tell hem to put that show bk on pronto sirs..seriosly..KF not dead just traped in the speed orce duh, and ning ith a Darkseid cameo....omg...hell. bet if WB started a " kickstarter" for this show it would genrate more money then star citizen has..

but The obviosness of blue beetle in this game being from young justice gives me hope we may see some of the others...Superboy (( whs should have wolf with a pet huh huh)). etc..

and plzz lord..leme have Black beetle (( must hav voice actor from the show)). Blaster/Bruiser. like blue beetle heh..

sigh such a great show