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    Re: April Update: Known Issues

    Quote Originally Posted by Wurm_king View Post
    I would like to report an issue. this has happened to me twice now since the update. late game a team fight is initiated and then every member of blue team disconnects. its only blue team and we are not a group. and its just one side. the other side is then able to slaughter us and then blow through the remaining towers before we log back in. and by disconnect I mean the whole game closes and I have to bring the launch page up then log back in. its very annoying. both times its happened for me I have been on blue team. and they were both very close games that could have gone either way.
    This has also happened to me hour thirty minute turnaround due to feeders and then bam right before final fight we all dc and got slaughtered. happened in custom tho if that makes a difference

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    Re: April Update: Known Issues

    And what about the issue where the patch never completes and I can't play at all?


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    Re: April Update: Known Issues

    for some reason every time i log in to play it wont connect to yalls server

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    Re: April Update: Known Issues

    Quote Originally Posted by Celestrata View Post
    Hail Protectors!

    In our testing of the April Update, we encountered a few bugs that we would like you to be aware of. In some of these cases, we have already taken steps to mitigate the issues below.

    • Coast City has been temporarily disabled -- Unfortunately, there is a bug in the Coast City queue that has required us to temporarily close the queue to all Coast City matches, including custom games. We apologize for this inconvenience, and will work to get Coast City available for all again in the future. (Please note that this does not affect the Practice Mode: Coast City queue, which has returned!)
    • Aquaman has been temporarily disabled -- Due to a bug in Aquaman's auto-attack functionality in this update, we've made the decision to disable him until we can rectify this bug. To compensate all Protectors for Aquaman's temporary removal, we are adding two more champions to the Free Champion Rotation. We've focused on Assassin/Bruiser champions, as they are the closest to Aquaman's style of play. This week's two additional champions are Nightmare Batman and Batman.

    Additional Issues

    • The new client may take a long time to load on initial startup. It can sometimes appear to freeze, but will eventually load. This load will actually get better as the client is open and closed, so you may only encounter this problem the first few times you play after the update.
    • If the patcher goes to the “unpacking” step, it will appear to freeze/lock up. If it does, just let the patcher continue to patch; it's still working. After a period of time, the patcher will finish its work and let you play. Should you close out of it early, you can re-open it and re-patch without causing any harm to your game.
    • There is a typo in Green Arrow’s stolen power unlock that says it unlocks when Gaslight Batman gets to level 5.
    hi, im new to the game and every time i try to download the game it takes a long time but ill wait. the real problem is that when i want to play the game after it downloads, the infinite crisis tilte will show up load, the crash. I really want to play the game but with this problem i cant. Pls help!

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    Re: April Update: Known Issues

    I would post this in the proper forum....but also contact tech support!

    They are solid.
    Formerly xocgx.........vegemike is just easier to pronounce!
    Steam name is xocgx
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