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    Cyborg Coming to Superman vs. Batman!

    I think he looks good for the role This is very exciting for me cause Cyborg is one of my favorite DC characters.

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    Re: Cyborg Coming to Superman vs. Batman!

    He'll be op in the first movie, but then Zack Synder will nerf him so hard he won't be able to do much damage

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    Re: Cyborg Coming to Superman vs. Batman!

    As soon as they announced BvS I've been saying for them to introduce Cyborg in it. He's perfect and would match very well with the Kryptonian technology shown off in Man of Murder.
    I'm not sure if the Flash movie is still happening now that there is a show, but I always figure Bats/Supes/Borg in BvS, Flash with Green Lantern references in The Flash, then Aquaman and WW in the Justice League movie



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