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    Net Neutrality and online gaming

    What does everyone think of the current net neutrality hubbub going on recently? How do you think it'll affect online gaming?

    For the uninitiated, the way-overly-simplified concept is that there is the concept of "net neutrality" where all data is treated equally. "A packed is a packet." However, there is a push for allowing high speed "lanes" for priority traffic. This would allow big companies to pay for faster speeds.

    This does not mean that low-priority traffic will get slower. It just means that if a company has the money they can get priority over slower traffic. A possible downside is that if a peering point becomes over-saturated (prime time, for example) there is a high chance that the "fast lane" traffic would get priority and shoulder the packet-loss associated with saturation onto the low-priority traffic. As it currently stands all traffic is equal, so everyone experiences a little loss instead of some experiencing none and a some experiencing more.

    I'm pro-neutrality, as one might glean from my post's diction, but I do want to stress that if you actually are interested in the topic that you should get informed from an un-biased source. There are some upsides to allowing priority traffic, such as smoother HD streaming. I just don't like the idea mostly because it will kill competition on the internet because a start-up (or even turbine) can't compete with established giants like Netflix or (to make this moba related) League of Legends.

    Imagine what would happen to the genre if League of Legends can remove the majority of their packet loss at prime time by shouldering it onto the smaller mobas. (hyperbole)
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    Re: Net Neutrality and online gaming

    Don't know if it has relation, but here most ISP cap certain traffic (Youtube, P2P, Online gaming, etc) to get less traffic saturation, without the consumer knowing it or having agreed to it.

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    Re: Net Neutrality and online gaming

    The death of net neutrality is one of the biggest issues we face (that much of the public is oblivious to). Considering how politics works, expect the Comcasts of the world to be donating tons of money to try and get their 'voice' heard.....and thanks to the ruling from the case on Citizen's United, they have tons of money to throw around.

    Definitely a big problem. Comcast charges IC to get fast lane, now Turbine charges more to us. For nothing we don't have for our normal costs now.
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