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You're annoying me because you just don't get it, and I'm debating on further replying to you because you're derailing this conversation in a way that isn't productive or meaningful in any way.

GL doesn't have a shred. Neither does Flash until he buys blue scarab. Based on these five criteria, Shazam is actually more similar to Flash than GL is.

Your comparisons are ****ty, because blue scarab power armor shred + mobility is something you aren't taking into account with your comparison. In your initial math post you also didn't take into account the damage and ratio from blue scarab+psi scimitar. 25 power armor shred is a pretty big deal.

NC doesn't work because Flash can cancel his ult, grab a health relic if he's worried about losing the trade, or wait for NC to be over and continue fighting anyways because of how much damage his q+w combo deals.

SoB doesn't work because early game, you give up too much damage and Flash just duels you anyways and wins. Lategame Flash has enough damage to burn through the shield.

But if you still doubt this, I would love to see JLA fight KoH and give us Flash. You can test your counter items in-game and maybe you'll get an understanding of why it is that they fail.
So, I didn't see this for a long time. Sorry about that.

Like I said in my last post, if you want to debate another kit then by all means go ahead, I'd be happy to go through all the numbers with you.

I'm not going through items because it was a kit comparison, I'm not sure why you're bringing those items into the discussion for this part of it right now. Yes I understand Flash's issues with those items, but they're not a part of comparing each others kits, it was a simple face value blaster kit vs blaster.

Also how would I rate the mobility?
I don't have a numerical value that I can really apply to it unless you want to go ahead and start making an equation to calculate the costs of a single MS point and then figure out how many units Flash's Q moves him forward and get me some worth on that too?
Then I'll bring it into the discussion happily - but calling my comparisons bad for doing something you haven't done is pretty pointless.

If you're saying Nerons is bad because Flash can cancel his ult and get a health point - well you're assuming Flash is low there, you're making a scenario to fit your case. You're not wrong, he could do that but it isn't like it is difficult for him to get a health pack at any point or any fault of the items.
Infact I could just play the same game and say that well I've already picked up the nearest health point and I have 4 of my team standing around waiting for the cancel, nerons is good - but that would just be playing a childish tit for tat game.

If you can survive his ult then that is all you need, he can't snipe you on a point with it and he can't kill you with it as long as you have the activation up - 1/3 of his burst has been neutralized.
Solid investment.

As for the fight, no thanks. We haven't played together for a week and we've ran into you on GH during that competition, we don't play it other than to spam for merit, that would be like taking candy from a baby for you.