Also, look for The N00b Syndicate! thread started on this forum for help with this:P We're adding each other in game, and playing as a group in order to take some pressure off of people that feel that they're going to get raged at because they're not good. We accept anyone willing to play&learn

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Deliberately staying out of GD only makes the inability to play it worse. I understand as most people don't like playing what they're not good at but just getting into it and just saying from the get go "I'm new to GD and I'll need help" will set your team's expectations appropriately. Now to follow through, listen to their advice. If you are trying no one can fault you as you already warned them of your skill level.
This is true. And if you intend on playing this game for a while, and you kind of want to get into GD & CC, if you start out now you get to take advantage of the relative small champion pool and learn how to play most of them / against most of them in a short time. If you wait longer, you only get more and more champs (as they are released) to play against and it's never nice to not know what the enemy can do