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    Re: No way to plan ahead

    Quote Originally Posted by KaotikXxXRckstr View Post
    I think they should make it so there is a queue type thing that u can set up so when u get near a turret or spawn it automatically buys artifacts if u have enough coins and it buys them in the order u choose.
    No that wouldn't do much good. you will find as you play that you rarely build exactly the same every time, now you might pick up the same items but the order could be off based on need, or credits. It would also be a hassle to program, and would remove some of the "pit" time the game wants you to lose by picking your items.

    I however would like to see a way pick my "augment package" once i'm in game, but only before a match starts. just the full pack with no way to adjust the items with in the set. This way its a strategic option like ok there have alot of PD ill grab my PD armor set, or they got a couple assassins, i should grab my set thats got more health.

    Right now you pick it before you enter the match, and while this allows you to "round" out the team.. it holds little more then enhancing your play style.

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    Re: No way to plan ahead

    I wish that when i was in the augment page, i could see the other stats of the items besides the ones being added from the augment.

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    Re: No way to plan ahead

    They said one day, just not today.
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