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    are current merit prices for amplifiers final?

    im just wondering because my two cents is that 1200 merit for 1 artifact boost is a bit steep considering you only get ~75 merit per game and one ~150 merit daily boost.

    i think im fine with where the champion merit prices are, maybe the highest priced ones are a bit steep but i think they are for the most part fine.

    i just think if you compare the prices for champions and merit earned per match in this moba to other mobas. this games price range is way high (especially compared to something like smite which offers upwards of 500 daily points and f=lower prices characters in general. even LoLs prices are more in step with a good system).

    either way this is my two cents on the shop's current merit pricing and reward system. feel free to share your opinions as well(unless you are going to act like a hyper aggressive ****** gobbler in which case kindly leave your opinion out).

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    Re: are current merit prices for amplifiers final?

    The merit gain was increased, so imo, i think it's in a good state, i was impresed of the tons of merits that i earned.
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    Re: are current merit prices for amplifiers final?

    You're forgetting unlike LoL, you only need to buy an amplifier once, while there you would usually buy 3~9x of the same item which, for a full page, can be almost 13k IP(or slightly more than two 6300 champs), with the quints being half the total amount. For a full page here, you only need i believe at max 6,000 Merit(300 more than the 5700 tier champions/new page).

    I'm guessing you play a lot of Gotham Heights, which will naturally earn you less merit per game compared to Divided because of the new formula. However, you are still earning more per hour thanks to your streak bonus than playing one game of Divided which on average takes 45minutes. Assuming you have l33+ /\/\4I) H4x 5k1llz, and win every Heights game(averaging 15minute per game), it would take about 34 hours to unlock a 7050 champ. Now I never played Smite, so i don't know how they do their formulas, however for Dominion the average amount is around 40~45IP for a 20 minute match, which is slightly less than we get for those that lose, not counting streak bonus and account level bonus. If you want to buy a 6300IP champ, it would take around 47hours. Dominion you would have to have the game last longer than 7 minutes before you actually get any IP, while here if a Heights game ends in 4 minutes, it will still be treated as a 10 minute game.

    For new players, yes the prices may seem steep, especially for those who was never around during League's early years, came from Dota2, or it's their first time experience in a MOBA, or it could also be their first F2P game, so they're not use to the business model F2P games usually have. Remember,Turbine is doing like every other company, trying to become your *insert addict here* dealer. They slowly supply you with small goodies, then bring out something that makes your wallet cry, and when it cries, a Turbine intern gets fed.

    So please let your wallet cry, think of the poor interns at Turbine locked in cages with nothing but a typewriter and a torn rag to sleep under.
    Note, Interns may or may not be actually treated this way. No Interns were harmed in the making of this statement, however afterwards is currently unknown.

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    Re: are current merit prices for amplifiers final?

    hmmm i see your points. maybe it is just cuz im new so im looking at the small amount i have and start thinking "i want more, but i also want it now".



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