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    Re: Letter to the Community

    Quote Originally Posted by IC_Annuvin View Post
    Thanks for all the replies, everyone! I guess I'll tackle some issues I think I'm hearing (though I know I won't get every single one!):

    Bug Fixes and Timing - We try to stick to a regular cadence (6 weeks, for example) because we are trying to apply best software practices. This often means that even the tiniest fix goes through multiple proofing passes before it becomes outward facing. Now, we do make exceptions (they are what we call hotfixes) but they come at a VERY steep cost: they pull our QA attention away from testing the next major release in order to verify the hotfix. This can pay out in the short term, but it often means the next release really suffers, because it doesn't get the love and attention it would normally get. This isn't to say we won't ever hotfix issues, we just make sure they follow some very specific guidelines. Off the top of my head, those guidelines are: is it causing folks to not be able to play? Do we know how to fix it? Is the fix such a risk to stability that it needs more testing? Anyway, those are some of the things we try to consider before we hotfix anything. I can also say its never a single person's decision! There's a council of little blue people that must be appeased.

    GD vs GH vs CC vs Queue time - As much as I love Fantus and Zag, they are still people. As people, they speak with their own perspective. I'm a person too: so now its my time to give you my perspective. I love all the maps we've made. My goal has been to ensure that each of them occupies a specific average time slot, so folks who want fast a furious action have a map, while others that want more strategic/baked to perfection experiences have their map too. I also feel like each and every map can be competitive... this is a PvP game after all, and team tactics are present in every map (Orbital Cannon, Doomsday Device, Raiders, etc). That said, I know that folks typically have a favorite map. I'm just glad its one of the maps in this game! We never made the decision to push specific maps, we just wanted to keep the combination of ELO based matchmaking and lower queue times. That combined meant that we had to make the decision to remove a map from the rotation simply due to population density. Don't worry! If we keep growing like we are, Coast City will make a triumphant return.

    Balance Testing - Our game is getting more and more complex. Additionally, an ever growing chunk of players is getting better at the game than us. This is wonderful, as I personally love watching people be excellent at things... and very little is better than watching someone play a really good Aquaman/Blue Beetle/Sinestro. Sadly, this means that some of our changes simply can't be as perfect as we would like them to be. All I can really say is that we will continue to get better at this as time goes on! (there was one change that was so imba, we had to roll it back before you all saw it... so trust me when I say the process is getting better!)

    Anyway, I hope that answers some questions/concerns!
    The Matchmaking is still garbage, getting paired against a 5 stack of pros when your team doesn't even know how to play and don't have gambits or anything is killing this game.

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    Re: Letter to the Community

    Quote Originally Posted by grem357 View Post
    i really dont mind the bugs and the ops char/items... It's a video game after all... What really stands out to me is how turbine employees are constantly on those forums in contact with the community, this post being a great example of it. Only a few other games have devs as chatty and open about everything.

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    Re: Letter to the Community

    Quote Originally Posted by IC_Annuvin View Post
    Greetings, Infinite Crisis community!

    I want to take some time to talk with everyone about our builds, patches, and ongoing schedule. Hopefully this will shed some light on the IC Development process and the decisions we make each day as we work on the game.

    First off, let’s talk about the bad stuff. This update was certainly not our best. Part of introducing new things with updates is introducing bugs, and this update did that in an uncharacteristically large amount. For our most recent patch, we targeted the most egregious bugs, and spent a great deal of time verifying our changes and our testing process to ensure this doesn't happen again.

    You may be asking, “How… How!?! HOW DID THIS HAPPEN Mr. Creative Director? WHY ARE THERE BUGS? You claim to know so much, yet apparently know so little?!?”

    My answer, as always, is a bit wordy and somewhat complex. I want to start it by saying, “Thank you.” I’m happy to have an engaged community like this one. It means that you’re all paying attention, and very invested in our game. Part of us pushing on our three areas of focus (listed below: balance, gameplay options, and viewability) means a lot of things are changing at once.

    We really appreciate your patience while we do so, especially since we are now working on stabilizing our next major update (which has a lot of UI polish in it alongside a final™ Gambit solution), as well as working on the next major update beyond that.

    We are very proud to work on making this game the best possible MOBA it can be. As mentioned, we are focused on three main areas: balance, gameplay options, and viewability. Let’s dive into those for a minute!

    Balance – This is one of the most overused (and sometimes meaningless) words in games. For IC, this means ensuring that gameplay choices are sufficiently compelling, without being ‘always right’. There are a lot of times where data shows certain characters are chosen a disproportionate amount of time. Our goal is that for each cross section of choices (Champions, Artifacts, etc.) there are many legitimate choices as opposed to an ‘always right’ one. You can see this in our modification of Gaslight Catwoman’s Steam Powered Claws; we removed the bleed effect from her ranged attack which was causing her to be better at farming than everyone else she could lane against. This same line of thought is also what led to the gambit modifications. Those specific mods were underutilized before, and the map specific ‘Support’ role has struggled. The intention of these changes was to make the mods, and the artifacts themselves, more desirable.

    Gameplay Options – This is the category of ongoing content. As we add in more choices, they need to be competitive with other characters/artifacts/mods in that role, while being balanced. Additionally, they should open up new tactics/gameplay options where applicable. Blue Beetle is a great example of this! Jaime Reyes is a marksman that has a unique set of options thanks to his secondary role as an assassin. His varied kit gives him more ways to fit into a group composition than many other characters.

    Viewability – This is a category unique to developing an E-sport. It combines the basic aspects of readability (ability to tell what it going on by watching someone else play/playing yourself) with entertainment (the ability to get #hype as you watch a game you may not completely understand). This is where the ubiquitous “I lose my character when I play/teamfight” feedback would live. Incidentally, this is where the yellow health bar changes would live, and upcoming cursor changes as well.

    We will be talking about our next major update soon. Until then, please enjoy the recent patch, with fewer bugs, and fear the impending coming of the Tyrant of Korugar(tm).

    Cardell "Annuvin" Kerr

    i have a qauestion happened to my champions that i got in beta??? did they reset?

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    Re: Letter to the Community

    Quote Originally Posted by kamijo12 View Post
    i have a qauestion happened to my champions that i got in beta??? did they reset?
    I believe they did one final reset before making the game Open Beta. No more resets will happen so if you last played in Closed Beta then yes, your account was reset with everyone else.
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