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    ESL NA Go4cup $20,000 Summer Season

    Hello everybody! ESL will be hosting weekly Go4cups on every Sunday beginning on June 1st, you can you signup here

    First place prize every week will be $500 and cup points. Top 8 teams in cup points will face off in a monthly finals for $1000

    The season finals will be held in September with a prize pool of $10,000

    Also for participating in the first cup you will receive:
    • Superman Hero
    • Superman Costume “Clark Kent”
    • 1,000 Crisis Coins

    If you do not have a team, find one here
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    Re: ESL NA Go4cup $20,000 Summer Season

    do you know when those of us that competed in the first cup will get the Superman and the additional rewards put onto our IC accounts?

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    Re: ESL NA Go4cup $20,000 Summer Season

    I believe one of you team members is given all the codes and he/she should hand them out to the participants on his/her team.

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    Re: ESL NA Go4cup $20,000 Summer Season

    Wish they'd hurry up sending them out however they get sent out. =(
    Such an enjoyable game, too bad the devs are slow and the players are children.

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    Re: ESL NA Go4cup $20,000 Summer Season

    the codes were sent out to your team captain, please get in contact with your team captain!

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    Re: ESL NA Go4cup $20,000 Summer Season

    question: my team is pretty new to IC and we want to play the go4 cup, but none of us have 12 champions. in the rules it says if we don't have 12 we have to get agreement from our opponent to play blind pick. what if they don't agree? how does this work

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    Re: ESL NA Go4cup $20,000 Summer Season

    Ok now I'm getting pissed, we missed last tournament because they have the wrong time on the website, and yes I already sent them a ticket about it and they still haven't answered, so any one else in the tournament want to help us out what time do we check in?

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    Re: ESL NA Go4cup $20,000 Summer Season

    Every Sunday:
    Checkin: 2:30 PM - 2:50 PM EST
    Start: 3:00 PM EST



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