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    Re: Coast City in EU

    Ill add you tonight, last few nights me and some others have been trying to arrange some CC games for Europe but sadly not enough friends yet to fill in the spots.
    Hopefully we can have some fun with everyone once we get enough contacts.

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    Re: Coast City in EU

    Man, been playing the game for almost 9 months and have yet to go for my first round of CC, lmao.

    I'd love to play, count me in.

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    Re: Coast City in EU

    Was able to play one game yesterday, thank you guys for the invite!
    Have to admit CC is an amazing map! Reminds me of dawngate, 2 lane map yet for some reason this felt more action packed.
    I hope I can have another go tonight, already got some friends wanting to join in on the fun so lets hope we can make this happen again!


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    Re: Coast City in EU

    Add you KuKurtz. If you're ever on when I'm online too, send me an invite for CC. Thanks!

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    Re: Coast City in EU

    Feel free to add both me and Teslyn92 for some coast city, always up for a good match.

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    Re: Coast City in EU

    Add me too Vego17

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    Re: Coast City in EU

    add me too,i'd love to try out Coast City! -partofme



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