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Thread: Bored of afk's

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    Bored of afk's

    1/2 game you're with afk playing 4v5 .... i'm quite bored last 10 games played 7 at 3v5.

    Do you know if admins are doing something and taking this seriously when we report this toxic players ?

    I'm not the only one in this case, i think that all actual gamers understand ....

    See you in game

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    Re: Bored of afk's

    well now 11th in a row at 3v5 ....

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    Re: Bored of afk's

    Well, it's never fun to have afkers in team, but I must say that in this stage, game crashes often.
    For example if I was dissconected during battle, I can't reconnect. And nothing helpes. Just need more optimalization, some guys just never get to the battle beacause game is not loading, then restarting it do not help. You click "play game" and it stucks on loading screen.
    Anyway, I'd like to believe that it makes afkers, not just trolling.

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    Re: Bored of afk's

    I'm playing from Oceania and I've never had the game not load or crash, and I've never gone AFK.

    I report all AFK players in the hopes they get a warning or a stern talking to, lol.

    What's the current punishment for having reports filed against you? Should be a knockoff in XP or something.

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    Re: Bored of afk's

    I was about to hit my half cycle and my game started with 2 afks
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    Re: Bored of afk's
    Yes..over NINE THOUSAND!!

    also..Consider Ham as an option.

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    Re: Bored of afk's

    Quote Originally Posted by hammerreborn View Post
    I was about to hit my half cycle and my game started with 2 afks
    Just play bot matches for your cycle

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    Re: Bored of afk's

    I bought Robin a while back before he became useless and decided to level him on GH this weekend.
    I've had 2 "kids" (I would assume) go afk because they couldn't play Sinestro.
    I've had 1 known DC who came back 6mins later when we were on about 50 Power Core left (that's 50, not %)
    Had about 6 games with no issues.
    Every other game was just pure afk's. I know they're afk's because they sit there until the time runs out for character select (no lobby dodging) and then take a random char and load the map normally. If they were loading super slow I'd give them some slack but not normally the case.
    And of course they just sit there in base without purchasing anything.

    I find it hard to believe they struggle with loading the game etc. because of the map load screen so that excuse seems weak.
    Don't let common sense stop you.
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    Re: Bored of afk's

    its because people usually que at the same time with a computer and a laptop.
    they block eachother so they wont wind up on the same team.

    They then wait for a pop on both accounts. and join the match with both, if they dont get a pop with both they leave que and try again.

    they then play the hero they want to go for the cycle for, and call lanes in loby that their other account is going to.

    They then feed themselves kills from the laptop account. and then go afk.

    this has been the issue of my last 5 post and the reason why I dont play the game as much as I want to play.

    this will be a problem as long as they have games pop at different times and as long as they allow players from the same IP address who have eachother blocked, play on opposing teams.

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    Re: Bored of afk's

    I'm so annoyed with AFK'ers ... they cost me all my matches today & other jerks on the team makes it no fun to play.
    i'll probably quit soon... i'm so tired of being treated like ****. Talked down to because I'm learning how to play still at Lvl. 7



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