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    ADC's NEED some love...

    Ok, so i've been talking to a few people about this and i feel it needs a forum post. ADC's are not in a good place right now. In competitive play there is only really two adc's that ever get picked on a regular basis because the other champs are just not strong enough. ADC's in general are not a factor in the game half the time because the game revolves around power damage burst carries too much, I believe that we need a change soon to fix this. I don't think it's fair that assassins and blasters are able to jump over walls allowing them to escape or chase better then an adc can. Why can't Gaslight Batman or Mecha Wonder Women go over terrain with their dashes? I believe that needs to be changed. Because there is no way to escape as an adc if you get jumped on by an assassin like Flash/Sinestro/AWW/and Joker. And then let's talk about tanks.... Say there is a full tank build Gaslight Joker against a full build ADC with straight dmg the ADC does barely any damage... When it comes to dmg ADC's are just lacking unless they snowball early...

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    Re: ADC's NEED some love...

    First late game the only time an ADC should be by themselves is on a split push, and second when dealing with a tank like gaslight joker that is what critical damage+ deathstrokes claymore+ coda blades+ piercing+ lifesteal is for. if you are playing against gaslight joker and can do little to no damage then its your build.

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    Re: ADC's NEED some love...

    Yeah, adcs are fine, take into account armor pen against tanks.
    The problem is, they're not equally useful. Cyborg is nowhere near the level of gasbat regarding utilities, and having higher damage does not balance him. I rarely see him around in pubs and I'm sure his winrate in both pubs and competitive is lower than gasbat' one.



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