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    Re: The Flash Overpowered?

    People would still cry. I think the ult should not go further out then the animation.

    But besides that. People say he is broken because of his play style. He could use some tweeks. Many champs could. But it's because people can't catch him to beat him is why they say he is OP.

    No one wants to use lobo chain or zatana slow or adjust there play style for one champ. Even though one item could make flash the most pointless champ on the roster, if it messes with people build they don't want it.

    I see flash as a squishy and I know I can kill him before he kills me then idc. If not. Neron contract. (Or other artifact) Hit one or twice then set Neron when he comes in and all he has left is a weak melee and cool down. Rinse repeat. That's just a general idea of one way to stop him alone.

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    Re: The Flash Overpowered?

    Quote Originally Posted by IC_Hexx View Post
    We are actively working on Flash's balance.

    We will be making a post on the upcoming Champion Balance changes that we are testing in-house, in the near future. That way everyone can get a sense of what we're planning and chime in with their own opinions.

    To sum up Flash - the problem with him is that the things that make him feel awesome and like the Flash are also the things that lead to snowballing and frustration. We are trying to maintain his feel while bringing him inline and it has been a challenge.

    Finally a Turbine who comments on it, im so sick of flash,and i totally get it, Flash does feel like flash should at the moment and that's the problem because essentially flash is the strongest in the JL.

    Good to know he is being rebalanced i think is the right word.

    So awesome, ANd as always good job guys, I can't wait for Supergirl either IC is looking to really get better and better you got the ball rolling!.



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