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    Re: Turbine, please read's about the new UI

    Quote Originally Posted by CheesewithRice View Post
    Except in today's modern times Gas Cat can 1v1 Doomsday while taking turrent fire. gg.

    You Republican by chance?
    You need to learn how to play DD then. You are doing something wrong there.

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    Re: Turbine, please read's about the new UI

    sigh...this guy literally makes me chuckle.....Cheese ... I garuntee the devs ave oticed yur Gascat whining....thing is, yur the 0.01% that believes shrs OP..why would any sane person nerf a champ based on the 1 in a million people who think shes to sstrong..

    good that yur lookin forward to hots..much easier to get " carried" if the lvls ate team wide..

    to everyone else...appologies for breakin my usual niceties, but this guys constant spam on everythread, and open admittance to afking etc offends me..
    Yes..over NINE THOUSAND!!

    also..Consider Ham as an option.



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