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    Re: Clarity on new Lobo's chain

    Yep it needs more clarification both on what the active does (because "cripple" isn't really clear, even though we now know what it means) and on the graphical effect.

    The active is nice but I think it would be way better to make it so that you are granted the ability at level 3 instead of 4. So that it would actually be a great choice to get an early lobo's. Just a thrown out idea because I think there are currently better mods than this one in its current state.
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    Re: Clarity on new Lobo's chain

    Does the Hook/Cripple work or stack with other slows?
    What if a power damage champion takes this to use just for the Hook effect would that work?
    Can it be used with other slows like Psychic Assault?
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