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    Re: who's excited for atrocitus?

    Quote Originally Posted by Mrlucho View Post
    They can't release and alternate champ without releasig its prime version first. (NMB and Gascat were exceptions)
    Gasbat was an exception too


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    Re: who's excited for atrocitus?

    Quote Originally Posted by Krivven View Post
    Gasbat was an exception too
    I know i was just too lazy to post it.
    Atrocitus will appear around 12 GMT-4 or before.
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    Re: who's excited for atrocitus?

    Quote Originally Posted by NormanDuke View Post
    We're been releasing lots of GL-related characters lately, and the only Corps missing is the Blue Lanterns, so I say Saint Walker.

    If by only corps missing you mean the one of the 5 of 9 unrepresented Corps then you are absolutely correct
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    Re: who's excited for atrocitus?

    White Lantern should be Deadman!

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    Re: who's excited for atrocitus?

    An alternate universe Batman as a Black Lantern! Or Mecha Alfred?

    srsly tho, I'm still waiting for Red Hood and Constantine! ><

    Side note, ShazamStyle Constantine skin would be awesome
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