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    Re: Is Atrocious worth the buy?

    Er Atrocitus does win most Enforcer duels, because they last a very long time and he gets a lot out of his passive over that time. API's shield isn't very strong in a single fight to the death, it's good for a sequence of spaced-out trades. WW is strong until she runs out of will, and fighting another enforcer should run her out of will.

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    Re: Is Atrocious worth the buy?

    I have to say this is the first thread I've looked over that has made me hate, debate and then want to try. WW is one that I will be givi.g another try, mech superman I've always been interested in but for some reason I keep telling my self of the character is not popular it is because one they suck or two they take a higher skill lil tp understand. same goes for sinestro I've seen him dominate in matches and I've dominated him in others.

    from what I can get from this is if you want to try hard and actually work to be. Badass then go for Artro, if not then you might want to choose someone else. Atro, seems to me like a character you will get picked on while learning because your allies will think your just a terrible player and the more you play the more opponents will que off you because they know your ripe for the picking.

    I know because I glance at all the names in my team and opposite, and someone who gets destroyed sticks in my head for a couple of days.

    I'm a new player so sorry if my post seems dumb just trying to relay the massive amount of information this 9 pg thread holds.

    Again as it stands as a passerby Mech Sups just seems more my play style and look forward to giving WW another go while saving up for the iron giant.

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    Re: Is Atrocious worth the buy?

    Im willing to buy this champion but I dont know what flat damage reduction is. Can you explain me? And is flat damage reduction from COME AT ME flat damage reduction works also against enemy champions?



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