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    Re: The top 5 reasons for which your jungler hates you

    I agree with this and want to add two.

    1. I hate it when you gank the lane and the person in lane has over 50% health and decides to run away rather then help kill the enemy champion. don't strand your jungler to die, help them

    2. I hate when you gank bottom and instead focusing with you on the squishy they focus on the tank. focus on the damn squishy rather then the walking damage sponge, you can get 2 kills rather then helping the enemy with 2 or more kills.

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    Re: The top 5 reasons for which your jungler hates you

    Quote Originally Posted by NormanDuke View Post
    1) You don't place a single security cam on the map, not even the free ones. Free kills/assists for the enemy jungler! Hoooray!

    2) You overextend and get yourself ganked. Free kills/assists for the enemy jungler! Hooora!

    3) Your reaction time during ganks is over 1 hour. Every second I spend in your lane is jungle farm lost for me. Make it worth my damn time.

    4) The enemy team has no jungler, you're in a solo lane, and still you can't hold it and keep asking for help. Do your damn job instead of cryin.

    5) Despite all of the above, you still blame it on your jungler that you've lost your lane.
    Fantastic concept. I came here thinking it would be full of all kinds of funny Jungler "damn laner" funny stuff but I all I am seeing is a bunch of whiny laners.

    Laners think a gank can magically win your lane and can be 100% effective in any occasion.

    "I need a gank" im nowhere near the lane and my tele is down. nope.

    "I need a gank" You're low and they're at 100%. Nope.

    "I need a gank" I'm on the end of a rotation, low and about to go back. Nope.

    "I need a gank" You're lane is always pushed and they are close to tower. Nope.

    Ganking under these conditions will almost always make the situation worse.

    But when you lose the lane cause you have no vision, don't know how to play passive if you can't trade well, its my fault. Pffft w/e. As a jungler it's super frustrating to have lanes being lost because if you babysit a lane others won't get help, I wont get farm, and that's still no guarantee the lane will be won. btw, giving your jungler $#!* wont make them want to help you. "I am having some issues, could use some help when you can". That phrase can buy you a lot of help. /end rant

    PS: I love you guys
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    Re: The top 5 reasons for which your jungler hates you

    To get the most of a gank you need:

    1- Enemy pushing your lane as much as posible.
    2- You being at max hp or at least more than half hp
    3- Enemy at similar hp or lower (can be done a 100% 0% depending of the champs)
    4- No enemy cameras or knowing where they are

    If most of these requisites are met, you only need to lure a trade to get the enemy offguard, kill almost guaranteed. get ready to disengage or juke him if the enemy hard engages to kill you before his death.

    If at least 3 of these requirements are met you are eligible for a gank. If not, too bad, keep farming and avoid to die, ganking you is farm lost for jungle and/or even giving a kill to the enemy team, so don't hate the jungle.



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