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    [New Champion Suggestion] Black Canary - Moveset

    Black Canary

    "I miss having people watching my back, and not having to figure out everything alone.
    Call it a family, call it a team, call it whatever you like.
    I just want to know what it's like to trust somebody again." - Black Canary

    "Black Canary - Image"

    Attack Damage Champion

    Passiv: Martial Arts Master

    Trigger: Every few seconds, 'Black Canary' counters the next attack from an enemy champion, or big Drone.
    A countered attack deals -70/ -80/ -90/ -100% attack damage.

    When 'Black Canary' counters an attack she regains Energy and
    deals to the countered target damage equals double of the current rank of 'Combat Expertise's passiv effect.

    -Energy restored: 15/ 20/ 25/ 30
    -Cooldown: 14/12/10/8 seconds

    Q-Ability: Athletic Dash

    'Black Canary' dashes forward, grapping the first enemy, dealing Attack-Damage and
    throws him in the direction of her choice.

    -Damage: 50/ 85/ 120/ 155 (+60% Bonus Attack Damage)
    -Cost: 40 Energy
    -Cooldown: 18/17/16/15 seconds

    W-Ability: Sweepkick

    'Black Canary' lash out with a sweeping kick, dealing Attack-Damage and knocks down enemies
    in a 360 degree arc around her.
    The KnockDown-Duration decreases by -0,1 seconds for every enemy hit.

    -Damage: 40/ 75/ 110/ 145 (+45% Bonus Attack Damage)
    -Knockdown-Duration: 0,9/ 1,1/ 1,3/ 1,5 seconds
    -Cost: 35 Energy
    -Cooldown: 10 Seconds

    E-Ability: Combat Expertise

    Activ: 'Black Canary' next attack, within 3 seconds, deals additional Attack Damage and crushes the defense of the enemy,
    reducing the armor, for 3 seconds.

    -Damage: 65/ 110/ 155/ 200 (+60% Bonus Attack Damage)
    -Armor Reduction: 10/ 15/ 20/ 25%
    -Cost: 30 Energy
    -Cooldown: 6 Seconds

    Passiv: 'Black Canary' immediately repels every attack against her,
    dealing Attack-Damage to the enemy.

    -Damage: 8/ 16/ 24/ 32 (+20% Bonus Attack Armor)

    R-Ability: Canary Cry

    Black Canary channels, for 1,5 seconds, a sonic attack in a cone in front of her, dealing Power-Damage.
    Near foes are stunned up to 1,5 seconds and further away foes are slowed up to 80% for 2 seconds.

    -Damage: 130/ 170/ 210/ 250 every 0,75 seconds (+80% Power Damage)
    -Cost: ---
    -Cooldown: 130/ 120/ 110/ 100 seconds

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    Re: [New Champion Suggestion] Black Canary - Moveset

    Looks really cool! I love the Canary. I wish her ult would scale with attack damage too, I hate having to build items specifically for one skill
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    Re: [New Champion Suggestion] Black Canary - Moveset

    Yea i thought about that too but it doesnt make sense that that cry benefits from Attack Damage ^^

    i ll probably just add an Attack Damage ratio plus the power damage ratio.

    and thanks for the reply^^

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    Re: [New Champion Suggestion] Black Canary - Moveset

    Nice kit! I was wondering where was the sonic attack until i read the ult, but i think the kit fits her very well ^^
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    Re: [New Champion Suggestion] Black Canary - Moveset

    Q is unclear: how do you choose a direction? Having her hold the enemy while you choose would make it a suppression, incredibly potent cc for a basic skill. I would suggest having it throw the enemy behind her immediately, which is very strong.

    I think you should have Attack Damage scaling on R like on Mecha Wonder Woman's Tempest, there's no point in anyone getting power damage just for the ult, and your skill will be useful only for the CC. That is fine but will feel unspectacular. The per-rank damage increase of 80 total is also pretty disappointing.

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    Re: [New Champion Suggestion] Black Canary - Moveset


    Yea the direction of the Q. My first thought was that Black Canary throws the target behind her, but it was to similar to the ult from Aquaman... for me.
    My second thought was that BC throws her target to the direction of the mouse, but i dont think its possible.
    So i ended up with "direction of her choice"

    But i ll probably make, that she throws the target directly behind her..... and its still a 'skillshot'. You have to land it.

    Yeah that Attach Damage scaling... i'll add this!
    but the Damage per rank isnt that dissappointing in my opinion.
    First she is a bruiser and not a blaster.
    second i made her ulti at lvl 6 very strong (compared to other heavy ultis)

    for example ultimate lvl 1:
    260 Base Damage @ Black Canary
    240 Base Damage @ Mecha WW
    175 Base Damage @ Atomic WW
    175 Base Damage @ GL
    160 Base Damage @ Flash
    max. 150 Base Damage @ Shazam

    but her ulti has to fall off in late game... cause it has still a good amount of CC (especially after her Q)....

    ultimate lvl 4:
    500 Base Damage @ Black Canary
    550 Base Damage @ GL
    630 Base Damage @ Mecha WW
    max. 420 Base Damage @ Shazam
    490 Base Damage @ Flash

    All things considered, thanks for the reply ^^



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