Appearance: Something like this, but with a hood >

backstory: firstborn son of Lord Robert Queen from Earth, Sir Oliver was nothing but a spoiled brat who was accepted in the Emerald Order as an apprentice thanks to his father's influence. He wasn't a good fighter, he wasn't a good listener, or a good learner for that matter. His lack of discipline and skill proved fatal when his group was attacked by monsters of the black. Oliver cowardly fled from the battle while chased by one of the beasts, only to stumble on a branch and fall to an underground cave. Cornered in that cave, he thought it was the end when he caught a glimpse of a green light at the end of the cave. Oliver ran like never before, finally reaching to the light and finding a mystical bow. When he touched such weapon, all the knowledge of its past owners were handed to Oliver. Now physically and mentally armed, he fought the beast and won. Tragically, he wasn't fast enough to save his group, when he arrived they were already slain by the black creatures. Ashamed of what happened, Oliver sought reclusion and cut his ties from the order. He swore to use his new powers against the shadow league and to protect those who couldn't protect themselves. Those he saved called him the Green Arrow, thanks to the color of the arrows fired by his mystical bow.

Roles: Power Damage Champion / Ranged / Blaster.


Passive ~ Living Target: Enemies hit by Arcane Green Arrow's skills are marked and become a living target for 4 seconds. The mark is consumed when he uses another skill or basic attacks the target. His skills gain extra effects when consuming a mark, his basic attacks restore missing health and will when consuming a mark.

Q ~ Longshot (click to use): Arcane Green Arrow fires a powerful shot that deals 40 Power Damage. If the enemy is marked with living target, he is dealt 20 aditional power damage. Bonus damage is increased by ranking up the passive.

Damage: 40/75/110/175 +60% Power damage
Bonus damage: 20/35/50/65 +50% Power Damage

W ~ Concussive Blast (skill shot): Arcane Green Arrow fires a bright Arrow that explodes upon hitting an enemy champion, slowing him down and dealing 50 power damage. Nearby enemies are slowed for half the percentage of the target hit. If the enemy hit is marked with living target, Arcane Green Arrow gains bonus move speed for several seconds.

Damage: 50/100/140/190 +50% Power Damage
Slow: 60%

E ~ Three's a crowd (skill shot): Arcane Green Arrow fires three arrows at once in a cone, dealing 35 power damage to each enemy hit. If at least one enemy hit is marked with living target, Arcane Green Arrow can imediately activate the skill a second time.

Damage: 35/70/105/140 +60% Power Damage.

R ~ Make it rain: After briefly charing, Green Arrow releases a massive shot into the air that explodes into hundreds of smaller arrows and falls in a circle. Enemies inside the circle are marked with living target and dealt 50 Power Damage each second for a total of 5 seconds.

50/75/100/125 +40% Power Damage.

Stolen Power ~ Arcane Green Arrow's Trap: Arcane Green Arrow's trap reduces the enemy's power armor as well as rooting.

Gain 3 charges that are spent to place Traps (2 seconds to prime) that last for 45 seconds and are triggered by the next enemy Champion to step on them. They will be Rooted for 1.5 seconds and revealed for 5 seconds. Up to 2 Traps may be on the battlefield at once. You renegerate a new Trap every 45 seconds or by returning to base.

Sorry for any spelling errors that may be included here. I didn't try adding the numbers for cooldown and will cost because I would not be able to find a point between "overpowered as hell" and "awfully bad".