Ok so I know there is another Superman thread with details about his ulti and him having a hard time sticking and other issues which I know are being addressed and I am really excited to see what kind of changes next update will bring.

Since the last balance changes done to Superman, I have been experimenting with cooldown reduction on him and I am convinced more than ever that he really needs that Energy. His whole passive is skill burst dependent which makes cooldown reduction on him really, really good. Not OP good but I have found it to be really fun. (Booster Gold and Huntress Crossbow)

I have been thinking of where I would put his energy gain if the change were ever made and have come to the conclusion that his passive is the best place. Give him a fixed energy gain every time he receives damage while his passive is active (whether the shield is up or not).

I have been looking at Supergirl and I like her kit! Been thinking that I wish Frost Breath's cone were like Worldbreaker's. I wouldn't mind a slight reduction on damage and the root area doesn't have to increase in size but it would be really nice to have the root increase in duration.

The Comet visual effect is awesome. I think it would be really cool if the heat vision visual effect on the contact with the enemy champ side were kind of like it and have the laser expand in thickness slightly as it moves forward