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    Max Stats Possible?

    Is there some sort of database that has the values for how much of each stat you have? (Will, crit, attack damage, speed, ect...)

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    Re: Max Stats Possible?

    Meant to say "how much of each stat you CAN have"
    Lacking an edit function

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    Re: Max Stats Possible?

    There is an edit function....
    For Crits, i think its 100%? no one can reach that anyway.
    Will: unlimited
    Cooldown reduction: 40%
    PD: unlimited
    AD: unlimited
    Movement speed: unlimited.
    Attack speed: max attack speed is 3.00
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    Re: Max Stats Possible?

    Thanks a bunch. I wonder where this knowledge comes from though, unless it's just pure player testing

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    Re: Max Stats Possible?

    Movespeed has soft caps.

    You can get 6% crit from augments, modded Zeiss is 21% (+20% with active), Revolver and v9s are both 20%, giving you a practical 87% maximum.

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    Re: Max Stats Possible?

    I can't chime in with any of the actual values (maybe a designer can do that), but what I can tell you is that stat values shown in the lower left portion of your HUD in game will turn to a yellow font when you've hit the max for that stat, so you can discover them that way as well.



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