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    Re: Invulnerability Shield - everyone's got one

    I knew that but it seemed like a good conversation regarding abilties so I was interested in seeing what people had to say.

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    Re: Invulnerability Shield - everyone's got one

    shield is cool..but After learning more champs , I agree pkayers tend to find new better SP combos..

    I personally have a fav stolen...Its WW good, throw in SS,s Slow for wounding..and thats adding alot more CC to yur build
    Yes..over NINE THOUSAND!!

    also..Consider Ham as an option.

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    Re: Invulnerability Shield - everyone's got one

    Quote Originally Posted by Wurm_king View Post
    you guys know this was an old post right, the amount of time between unilord's post and derfebr is 2 months. and again it was looked at in june and had its cooldown time greatly extended.

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    Re: Invulnerability Shield - everyone's got one

    My mistake, I didn't noticed the date of the thread



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