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Thread: New Turrets

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    Re: New Turrets

    If i had to say, really the turrets are in a mixed place before and after this 'patch'. Since it feels like they trip to firing faster right away and on frequency when the 'warning' occurs compared to other turrets in some other mobas. Course its by feeling, but it feels like Dota 2 and Dawngate turrets arent as dangerous early game when i played them compared to Infinite crisis. But still have the same feeling of tower diving not being a issue as much in mid to late game.

    It ultimately depends on several factors i guess:
    1. How fast the turret will react to shoot at you if their are none of your enemy drone tanking it already or if you attack a enemy champion.
    2. Will the turret immediately target the next drone nearby or will it aim at you if you are the closest target compared to the batch of drones nearby.
    3. The frequency of the shots, if a turret fires really fast then your likely gonna get punished alot by being next to the turret when it aims at you, compared to just being on the edge of its firing range when it aims at you .
    4. How the damage is dished out, Will it use true damage to bypass your armor? Will it use the progressively higher damage per shot? Will it simply deal damage based on a % of your hp and shoot up a chunk every shot?

    Plus i've never seen on IC where a person could deliberately 'run' from a turret shot and avoid getting hit by it for a while. (Refer to Dota watafak's nightstalker clip, hilarious when it happens.)

    Hopefully a proper balancing can be done where a turret will be fearsome against any champion, thru an entire match. Just be glad we haven't gotten a sniper type char from dota 2 onto IC yet (Max range bonus= free shooting a turret while being completely out of a turret's firing range, ala the turret stomper).

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    Re: New Turrets

    I just want to keep this thread active so Turbine doesn't forget to change the turrets.
    If the turrets are going to be piss weak just so heroes feel more epic I'd like to suggest that a hit from the turret applies a debuff so that there is at least SOME type of dive deterrent. Perhaps something that makes enemy champions deal more damage to you or the shots stop passive credit gain for 5 seconds per stack (which accumulate when turrets hit you).

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    Re: New Turrets

    I've let it grow on me and I'm starting to understand the thinking behind it.

    You can go from a good position to completely overtaken in a matter of moments because of how the turret would catch you. I understand that a Turret was never meant to be an impenetrable wall but I do feel that it should offer some comfort to a player who needs too escape or defend or else there's no point except to delay drones.

    I do think that currently they are to weak but I also think they were probably too strong before. I would have liked them to add some sort of utility as in AD & PD armour so that while they didn't just destroy anything close, they would still offer some cover to a player defending under it. Healing would either be too weak & negligible or to strong. I'm not sure how the game would benefit or be skewed in that regard though. I feel towers are a missed opportunity on strategy and allowing players to buy from them was a good step in the direction but it should have more. Death should be a punishment but player action should be encouraged.

    I think that the Towers are meant to be the net in a game of tennis, forcing you to hit the ball over them but whenever you overextend, the net and baseline are there to rein you in and make sure you maintain strategic control. In that regard, a bit more escalation on damage where one hit is a tap, 2 is quite hard, 3 is bordering on suicide (and then add in a tower bonus to a player standing under it (at 100% HP, Tower Grants X Defence, at 75% blah blah blah)
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