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    Re: IC Community in a nutshell (MOBA)

    Quote Originally Posted by Gruwolf View Post
    Ghost in the Shell ?
    Almost 12,000 Crisis Coins gone to waste...I am a sad panda.

    V3G3TA: "Im pretty confident about my member...probly why I use Ham, and focus on the W, not the kdr...big guy thrwin his meat around sayin stuff. one really understands...with hair fom the 80 s...yep.. that ham makes me feel li myself"

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    Re: IC Community in a nutshell (MOBA)

    Quote Originally Posted by Catacomb View Post
    In no particular order

    #1 The Elitist - Always quick to patronize other players on all chat. Always denigrates other players, on his team and the enemy team. Always points out K/D/A. Calls you out if you ever make one move outside the meta, build-wise. Asks you why you didn't use your Q, W, E, or R, and why did it take you so long. Loves using the words scrub, noob, pro, op, and meta.

    #2 The Quiet One - Never speaks. Ever.

    #3 The Crowd Pleaser - Always genuinely nice, and says GG WP after every game. It can be patronizing sometimes, so I lump these guys into the Elitist category if they are patronizing.

    #4 The Average Joe - Sometimes gets mad, sometimes plays great, has Champions that they are good with, and can do very well at times. Rages once in a while, but not every match. Doesn't do anything well, or badly.

    #5 The Troll - AFK's all the time, feeds on purpose, and posts dumb trollish responses in chat.

    #6 The Team Builder - Tries to get people to work together, and is a great player. Often railroaded by trolls for telling people how to play. Often mistaken as Elitist, and can turn into one if he finds a lot of pushback on their suggestions.

    #7 The Comic Book Lover - Only plays the game because he likes comics, loves talking about comics, and tries to just have fun

    #8 Rage Master - Rages when he wins. Rages when he loses. Rages when he kills you. Rages when he dies. Rage quits when he dies too much. AFK's to spite people who don't like his raging. Every. Single. Time.

    #9 Horrible Player - Never played a MOBA. Doesn't care to learn. Never listens to anyone's suggestions. Often mistaken for the Quiet One, but isn't. Just a horrible player.

    #10 The Well Disciplined - Plays great, always in a good mood, and helps out in the game capping and with teamwork. Never looks down on anyone, and is usually tops in K/D/A. The Elitist hates these kinds of people, because they are the same, only they have morals.

    I'm either #7 or #3. Definitely not #10

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    Re: IC Community in a nutshell (MOBA)

    I can honestly say I'm number 10, I usually compliment my team like "nice kiting" or really good baiting". I try not to take it too seriously, sometimes you get a great player sometimes you get new players who never have played a MOBA. I had to carry a 4v5 on GH as gaslight batman I went 25-4-14 I told my team they all played well dispite being down a man and we earned our win. I understand that the match making is kinda shoddy some times you go against a pro team or a 5 man premade and sometimes you get brand new players. If we can't really win i'll let my team know I wont say GG or be snide about it, ill say "look guys we are way behind, the guy who gave up 8+ kills just quit and we have a slim chance of winning, but keep playing all we can do is try". There are games where you get stomped and sometimes you play great . I will try to help people when I can. All you can really do is keep playing and get better.
    sorry for the wall of text thanks for reading



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