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    The credit change and how it has the biggest effect on the duo lane.

    I think they took the credit change a little bit too far. When you are in a duo lane you now share credits 50% each no matter who last hits. This is a pretty big thing coming from an adc main. This effects adcs more then you think. As some of you may know adcs have the most expensive build in game. And it takes them the longest to get full build. So the change not only to the overall gain of credits and the the change to the credit shareing of a duo lane hurt the adc quite alot. Hope there is a fix soon.

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    Re: The credit change and how it has the biggest effect on the duo lane.

    Well its a work in progress so they might simply be tinkering to get that perfect blend for Infinite crisis. Even if all mobas follow the general basis, they can easily have key differences such as champion kits, a 'amp set', 'stolen/spell/etc.' powers, and many other things. Really with the lost of refundables in divided, it created a more difficult gap in building i say since people cant be flexible thru refundables until they get a core to give them their much needed advantage.

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    Re: The credit change and how it has the biggest effect on the duo lane.

    I believe you have a small misconception of how it worked before the patch.

    It was always intended to work the way you describe it and it kind of worked that way in the past already except for a bug they now fixed.
    This bug fix actually increased your credit gain in a duo lane.

    before the fix the situation was: Whoever got the last hit got 50% value, the 2nd person got 25% value and 25% value were lost to the void.
    after the fix the situation now is: Whoever gets the last hit gets 50%, the 2nd person gets 50%, too. 0% is lost to the void.

    I hope they checked for the credit behavior for 3 people, too

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    Re: The credit change and how it has the biggest effect on the duo lane.

    One thing that i did forget to say was the refundables being taken out. That was HUGE for adc's because they have 2 big items that cost 1500 credits and you have to wait quite a while if you want to pick them up early before you can actually have the power you have been saving up for. But i do believe the credits use to be 75% to the player who got the last hit and 25% to the duo laner, the problem was that the duo laner was not getting the full 25% and they fixed that and changed it to where both players got 50% no matter who last hits. But i think something needs to be changed, i really hope they bring back refundables. Also as an adc you should be focusing on last hitting, and you should be rewarded for that. Instead it does not matter, you could never last hit as an adc and have the support do that and it would be the same thing. I think ADC's should get something more for last hitting.

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    Re: The credit change and how it has the biggest effect on the duo lane.

    I personally have to agree to a certain extent that IF Turbine keeps records and stats on last hitting and we have that Creep Score as an official stat than whomever last hits should get at least a higher percentage of the gold. Now if Turbine does away with last hitting as a stat/record than going equal portions is good.

    I think Turbine should do what is done in Strife... whomever is closest to the creep gets the highest proportion of the percentage up to half the gold and all the other gold is spread across all the other team members regardless of location on the map. So if a creep was worth 60g than the last hitter gets 30g and everybody else gets 6g if that person is alone. If everybody is together in the same group so 5 people are around the creep than everybody gets an equal share.

    It's also like this when it comes to killing Champions and major objectives in Strife... whomever gets the last hit gets like a higher percentage of the gold but the rest gets spread across the entire team.



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